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Gete Mekonnen



Why am I at Posner?

To be part of and contribute to the growth and success of the Posner Center that is poised to make a positive difference in our world.

What gets me fired up?

Success in leveling the playing field for those underserved or disenfranchised.

More about me:

Born and having lived in a developing country, I have a great deal of appreciation for “having or being given the opportunity” to improve our lives and those of our loved ones.

Ask me about:

How to manage or enjoy armchair philosophy and politics.

Some of my flashy credentials:

  • Was selected to represent US-based non-profit community development at UN Habitat II Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Received the first Gold LEED-designated multi-family development in Denver’s affordable housing.
  • Grew an organization from a two-person operation to a multi-million dollar asset based non-profit with over 30 years of track record.