Updated 18 August 2021

  1. Is the Posner Center open? The Posner Center building (the Horse Barn) is open to Tenants 24/7. It is open to Members, Monday – Friday from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm, and for other arranged events. The building is staffed Monday – Friday from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm. The building is currently closed to the public. Front and back doors are locked and keycard access only.
  2. What about volunteers, interns and invited visitors? Invited visitors, guests, volunteers, and interns are allowed building access if accompanied by Tenants, Members or Posner staff. We are not currently conducting public building tours.
  3. Can Members use the building and rent meeting/event space? Yes. Contact Ezzie Dominguez at to arrange access and book space for meetings and events.
  4. How do I access the building? Tenants have 24/7 keycard access. Members should arrange access through our Community Manager, Ezzie Dominguez, at .
  5. What are the building Covid-19 prevention requirements? UPDATED 18 AUGUST 2021. We now know the Covid-19 Delta variant is more infectious than prior variants and can break through to vaccinated individuals, who can further spread the virus. After reviewing the data and public health experts’ recommendations, we are now requiring face coverings and social distancing for everyone in all indoor shared spaces regardless of vaccine status.
    • Everyone must comply with this requirement, including volunteers, interns, guests, visitors, delivery people, and contractors. 
    • Indoor shared spaces include the Commons and kitchen area, the Corral, Classroom, Boardroom, Conference Rooms, Flexrooms, bathrooms, lobby, mailroom, hallways, stairs, elevator, and entering and exiting the building. This also includes any indoor shared space event regardless of the day (weekday or weekend) or time.
    • Vaccinated individuals may remove their masks indoors when alone in an enclosed space OR able to maintain 10 feet of social distancing. 
    • Eating and drinking are permitted in shared spaces only if you are alone in an enclosed space OR able to maintain 10 feet of social distancing. 
    • Tenants may manage their enclosed office spaces in accordance with their own policies.
    • Corral Tenants, Commons Tenants, and Members may work out of the Flexrooms. We will do our best to accommodate your space needs on a daily basis. 
    • Masks are not required outdoors (e.g., at the picnic benches), but social distancing is recommended.
    • Posner Center staff do not conduct a check of building occupants’ proof of vaccination, including Tenants, Members, volunteers, interns, or guests. We also do notrequire Tenants or Members to check their employees’ proof of vaccination to enter the building.
  6. What are you doing to keep the building clean and disinfected? We are doing regular building cleaning and disinfecting. We recommend you keep your personal work area clean and disinfected, especially when you first arrive and when you leave. We do NOT use bleach solutions for cleaning and disinfecting. We provide hand sanitizer throughout the building.
  7. What are the maximum occupancy limits for Posner Center shared spaces? Wedo not have specific have Covid-19 prevention occupancy limits. Instead, we ask that you manage your shared space meetings and events in accordance with FAQ #5.
  8. Can I have an in-person, large-gathering event? Yes, if it is managed in accordnace with FAQ #5. Tenants can book on the Google calendar. Members book through Ezzie Dominguez at .
  9. Can I use the kitchen? Yes. The kitchen is completely open. All Posner kitchen appliances, dishes, utensils, and other supplies are available available for your use.
  10. Can I bring my dog to Posner? Yes. Please contact Ezzie Dominguez at to sign our dog policy before bringing your dog to the building. Sorry, not cats or other animals.
  11. Can I bring my children? Yes. Children age two and older regardless of vaccine status must wear face masks. Curtained phone booths are open for nursing moms, etc.