Claire Read

Dr. Claire Read is the founder and CEO of ProSocial Dynamics, LLC, a woman-owned small business providing consulting and coaching services in the areas of team systems, executive, and leader/leadership coaching. Claire works with the Prosocial Process for Team Self-Governance, a method for developing swift trust, psychological safety, and a deep commitment to the team’s shared purpose. Prosocial provides a framework for teams to self-charter and have agency over their own internal affairs.

Dr. Read’s mission is to create organizations and teams that foster a deeper human pattern of consciousness, developing a deep understanding that we live in a much wider ecological system than just ourselves, for which we bear responsibility. As a proponent of the Prosocial ARC (Awareness, Relationship, Culture) Path, she is committed to introducing Prosocial principles, a set of social principles that tend to decrease self-interested behavior and foster flexible behaviors. These behaviors enhance the good of the group and the system as a whole to serve as a vehicle for embracing human and planetary needs as our global organizing principles. The Prosocial Path is evolutionary in that it develops swift change in the way teams and groups relate to their environments and to the larger systems, moving from “what is good for me” to “what is good for the group as a whole,” a useful concept for the survival of the planet.