Tigist Mehabie

Tigist Mehabie has more than 10 years of experience as a senior public prosecutor and legal drafting expert. She currently leads the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Law Implementation Project Office, under the Ministry of Justice in Ethiopia.

Tigist obtained her bachelor of laws degree from Haramaya University, Ethiopia in 2009 and her Master of Laws Degree, from the University of Barcelona, International Economic Law and Policy Program (IELPO) in 2015. Mehabie is also a 2022 Mandela Washington fellow.

As part of the office of the Federal Attorney General, now known as the Ministry of Justice, Mehabie led a major effort in overhauling the Criminal Procedure Code which has been in place since 1960. She has been one of the only woman experts tasked with drafting the new Criminal Procedure and Evidence Law.

During the past few years, Tigist saw the finalization of the drafting task, and adoption by the Council of Ministers. As the coordinator of the drafting team, she takes great pride in the finalization of the drafting task.