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Jobs & Internships

Are you looking for a job with a results-focused international development organization? Don’t want to leave the beautiful state of Colorado to move to New York or Washington D.C.? Want to get your foot in the door with an international internship? If so, then the Posner Center is the place for you.

Our building is home to the largest concentration of development organizations (and jobs) in Colorado. Learn more about our Tenants’ and Members’ available job opportunities and internships below. We also encourage you to meet our Tenants and Members by attending our many public events, listed here.

Posner Center Openings

At this time there are no positions available with the Posner Center.

Tenant Openings

Staff Positions:

Envoys: Field Instructor
MarketShare Associates: Business Development Senior Manager
The Recreation Project: Country Director

Intern Positions:

African Strategies for Advancing Pathology Development/Fundraising Intern
African Strategies for Advancing Pathology: Surveying Intern
Cross-Pollinate Consulting: Communications/Research Intern
Envoys: Program Intern
SCOPE International: Keeping Girls in School Program
SCOPE International: Small Loan Program
SCOPE International: Fundraising Campaign 
Shadhika: Communications Intern
Shadhika: Journalism / Marketing Content Intern
Shadhika: Educational Outreach & Events Intern
Shadhika: Program Committee Intern

Member Openings

*Please note: Members do not lease office space in the Posner Center’s building. Jobs and internships with Member organizations are therefore not housed physically at the Posner Center. Please refer to the individual Member organization’s website for information on the location of their offices.

Staff Positions:

One Acre Fund: Insurance Associate/Manager
One Acre Fund: Direct Giving Pilot Coordinator
Trees, Water & People: Development Director
Trees Water & People: National Director

Intern Positions:

Marshall Direct Fund: Intern

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