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Join the Posner Center Community as a Member, and engage with us in our work to convene, connect and catalyze the global development community for greater impact. Fill out the information below, and the Posner Center’s Community Manager will be in touch soon with next steps.

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  • If you are applying on behalf of an organization, applicant name should be the main point of contact for your Membership.

  • Which level of Posner Center Membership are you applying for? You can review levels here:
  • Are you applying as an individual, or as a representative of an organization/company that would like to be a Member?

  • If you are applying on behalf of an organization or company, please provide the full name.
  • If you are applying as an Enhanced or Enterprise Member and would like additional employees to have access to the Posner Center community, please provide their names and email addresses.
  • If you are applying as a student, please provide your school name, degree program, and graduation date.
  • Please provide us with 95 words or less that describes your international development work. For Enhanced and Enterprise Members, we’ll use this description on our website database. For Essential Members, this information will help us to help you engage with the community.
  • Check all that apply. If your work covers all or most categories, such as a contractor who works in all areas, please select “General” instead of every option.

  • Please list specific countries and press “enter” between each. If you generally work all over the world, or if you actually have projects/offices all over the world, please say, “Global.”
  • Tell us a little about what attracted you to the Posner Center Community, and how you see yourself engaging as a Member.

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