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Posner’s events, programming and general operations are opportunities for individuals and groups to engage in and support our work to become the epicenter for global community empowerment. We are happy to discuss each sponsorship opportunity and ways that we can most effectively provide marketing and awareness around you or your business in order to make your donations the most meaningful to you. But below, you’ll find specific ways you can help.

Special Event Sponsorships

In addition to ongoing opportunities to support the Posner Center and our programs, we from time to time have sponsorship opportunities for one-time special events.

Ongoing Opportunities to Support Our Work

The Posner Center tailors contributions to align with our donors’ unique interests. An individual, foundation or corporation interested in spurring collaboration and innovation around agriculture, water, energy, housing, health or any other focus areas of our Tenant and Member community should consider a donation to help us build our International Collaboration Grant program. If education is a focus, then consider supporting our Global Classroom. Opportunities also abound to equip and staff our new facility and develop programming that meets the needs of our tenants and the local community. Currently, the Posner Center is fundraising for the following initiatives:

Fund International Collaboration Grants

To support innovative and impactful partnerships between our tenants and members. To sow the seeds of collaboration, the Posner Center is offering grants to organizations that propose partnerships between two or more of our tenants and members. Grants are funded by individuals, foundations and corporations that have an interest or operations in a specific country or practice area.

Help us Build a Global Classroom

With video conferencing and recording capabilities that allows students, professionals and development workers around the world to collaborate with the 60+ organizations based at the Posner Center. From interns to CEOs and elementary-schoolers to post-graduates, Global Classroom users will share ideas, debate issues and develop innovative solutions to some of humanity’s biggest problems.

Invest in New Staff and Facilities

To ensure that the Posner Center can meet the needs of more organizations and expand beyond Colorado. Our organization is growing quickly, and we need to invest now in the innovators and facilities we need to increase our impact. Staff assistance with impact assessment and outreach to educational institutions are key priorities, as are investments in overflow office space and IT equipment.

Support Innovative Programming

To help our Tenants and Members reach their full potential. Posner programming ranges from board development trainings to community nights to lunchtime Block Parties to share stories of our Tenants’ successes and lessons learned. These opportunities refine our Tenants’ skills so that they can have a greater impact through their projects around the world.

Ways to Contribute

Online Donations
You can contribute online by giving through our online donation form.

Donations via Check

Donations can also be made via check made out to “Posner Center for International Development” and sent to 1031 33rd Street, Suite 140, Denver, CO 80205.

Corporate Donations

Corporate partnerships are one of the most effective ways to spur innovative, scalable solutions to development problems. Please contact us if your company is interested in partnering with the Posner Center or a group of our tenants on a project in your area of expertise or in a country where your company works.

In-Kind Donations

Most of our furniture needs are met, though we need 40+ quality office chairs for our small tenants. We are also interested in quality AV and IT equipment.

Event and Food Sponsorship
The Posner Center is looking for local businesses that would like to sponsor events on a monthly or annual basis. Suggested event sponsorships are $250.00 per month or $3,000.00 per year per event. In-kind food and drink sponsorships from local vendors will also be considered. Available event sponsorship opportunities include.

Our space is full, but there are more organizations that would like to office with us. Let us know if you’d like to help us finance office additional space in our block.

Room Naming

Want to put your stamp on the Horse Barn? We have numerous room naming opportunities for individuals and corporations. Please contact Doug Vilsack at or 719-647-7365 for more information.

Catalyze Our Collaboration

We depend on your support to keep our important programming running.

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