A Letter from the Executive Director

Dear Posner Center Community, Friends, and Stakeholders:

I am happy to report that the power and promise of collaboration still drives us.

This past year we sharpened our focus on our audacious goal to transform global development. As a result, some of our priorities and benchmarks for success have changed. We are investing more in professional and organizational capacity building for our community. This move goes deeper, requiring a higher level of commitment, with an emphasis on leadership training, evaluation skills, and contributions to best practices in global development.

Another major change is our plan to scale the projects and programs that advocate for and promote the Community, create larger networks for sharing their collaboration successes (or failures), and facilitate robust exchange of knowledge and expertise.

I invite you to read more about these efforts in this report and invest in our impact.

Yours in collaboration,

Burke Fishburn

What we do

Transforming Global Development


Convene, connect, and catalyze the international development community to collaborate for greater impact


A more equitable and prosperous world




We bring together the international development community with an emphasis on creating and sustaining an inclusive, engaging, and collaborative culture.


We empower our community to develop new relationships to share, increase capacity, and promote the successes of our collective efforts.


We transform international development work by igniting strategic collaboration, fostering innovation, and evaluating and advancing best practices.

Impacting all corners of the world.

Above: The number of Posner organizations working in each region.

Who we are

A dynamic and thriving community

200 Organizations | 100 Countries | 15 Sectors

We are a thriving community of international non-profit and for-profit organizations, universities, foundations, and consultants that joins together to share our knowledge, experiences, expertise and resources, pushing the concept of collaboration toward concrete, measurable results in the field of global development.

The nearly 200 organizations convening in our historic Horse Barn collaborative workspace in Denver’s Curtis Park neighborhood work in over 100 countries, across virtually every sector of global development, from sustainability and economic development, to human rights and education. Our Community is contributing to many of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030.

Impacting every sector of global development

Above: The number of Posner organizations working in each sector.

Our Programs

Working together for a more equitable and prosperous world

Annual Symposium

Gathering leaders to improve global development

The Symposium convenes international thought leaders, experts, and local and global stakeholders to share experiences with the goal of understanding and improving best practices in collaborative global development. It’s not your typical symposium; we combine thought-provoking, relevant content with meeting protocols that are provocative, engaging, memorable, and innovative.
We aim to grow the Symposium to an international conference that will make Denver the center for collaborative global development ideas.

Collaborative Global Development Report

Advancing best practices in global development

Catalyst, our report on collaborative global development, consolidates the key findings of the Symposium as well as other invited contributions to advance the evidence base for global development best practices with a unique focus on collaboration. The report provides a key forum for the Posner Center Community to communicate its work and influence the field of global development.


Advancing best practices in global development

Begun in early 2018, praxis is a collaboration between the Posner Center and Regis University’s Development Practice program that delivers a series of monitoring and evaluation courses so social impact professionals can strengthen their evidence-based development impact. We have continued to expand these field-expert-taught course offerings to include Qualitative Data Collection, Qualitative Data Assessment, Data Visualization, and Program Design, and are now offering a new praxis Certificate.

Communities of Practice

Advancing best practices in global development

In addition to offering formal mentoring and coaching programs to strengthen the global development leadership skills and competencies of its community members, the Posner Center facilitates outcome-oriented professional development Communities of Practice. These communities are established and led by Posner Tenants and Members based on their current needs and interests.

Current Communities of Practice include Organizational Leadership, Monitoring & Evaluation, Communications, and Gender Advocacy.

International Collaboration Fund

Advancing best practices in global development

The International Collaboration Fund (ICF) supports collaborations between organizations in the Posner Center community.

ICF grants enable Colorado-based organizations focused on global development to build capacity, explore new directions, fuel action, and enhance their impact.

Since its inception in 2015, the Posner Center has awarded over $325,000 to 61 Tenant, Member and partner organizations collaborating on 32 projects in 18 countries.

ICF Project Case Study: Moving up the Coffee Value Chain

With an ICF award for innovation in technology supported by Arrow Electronics, iDE and Bext360 are helping small Honduran coffee farmers “Move Up the Coffee Value Chain via Blockchain” by directly linking farmers in Honduras to coffee roasters in the United States.

Through this project, iDE and Bext360 are working to improve supply chain transparency through blockchain technology to address market failures. Their partnership serves as a model for connecting coffee producers and buyers with financial and agricultural technology solutions and the project is a continued evolution of market-based approaches to poverty reduction.

Check out our full list of ICF projects

Partners &  Supporters

A special thanks to the people behind the work.

2018 Partners, Donors and Sponsors

Arrow Electronics
Beyond Our Borders
Collegiate Peaks Bank
Elizabeth Ellis
Engineers without Borders
Green Fund
Dan Harris
Harvey Family Foundation
JHJ Family Foundation
Mottern Realty
PB and K Family Foundation
Regis University
Patrick Riley ~ GAN
Rose Foundation
Rick & Nina Shuyler
University of Denver’s Josef Korbel School of International Studies
US Bank Foundation
Vaughan Ventures
Willett Foundation
Chris Woldum
Zeppelin Development

Posner Tenants and Members

Click here to explore our Tenant and Member Community

2018 Staff

Executive Director
Burke Fishburn

Program Director
Meghan Sagaria-Barritt

Development Director
Jessica Harig

Facilities Manager
Esmeralda Dominguez-Perez

Community Manager
Victoria Ireland
Rachel Feldman
Callen Blackburn

2018 Board

Chris Woldum

Elizabeth Ellis

Silvia Hodlwesky

Dan Harris

Veronica Cavallaro
Stephanie Dybsky
Patrick Gaston
Sherry Manning
Mary Perkins
Patrick Riley
Diana Walker


2018 Financial Statements


Cash and cash equivalents $255,472
Accounts receivable $3,741
Contributions receivable $35,000
Prepaid deposits $22,317
Pledge receivable, net of present value $193,032
Property and equipment – net $120,813
Beneficial interest in assets held by others $23,688
Total assets $654,063
Accounts payable $11,098
Accrued payroll expenses $1,924
Refundable deposits $40,226
Total Liabilities $53,248
Net assets
Without donor restrictions
   Undesignated $349,314
   Net investment in fixed assets $120,813
   Total without donor restrictions $470,127
With donor restrictions
   Donor specific purpose $107,000
   Endowment $23,688
   Total with donor restrictions $130,688
      Total net assets $600,815
      Total liabilities and net assets $654,063

2018 STATEMENT OF Activities

Revenue & Other Support
Tenant rentals $609,156
Individual and corporate contributions $241,685
Foundations $83,167
Membership dues $14,275
Other program income $1,920
Investment income (loss) ($1,320)
Net assets released from restrictions 0
Total revenue and other support $951,073
Program services $710,584
Support services
Management and general $38,697
Fundraising $46,066
Total expense $795,347
Net Assets
Change in Net Assets $155,726
Net assets, beginning of year $445,089
Net assets, end of year $600,815

The Posner Center’s 2018 IRS Form 990 can be found in our website Resource Library.


Invest in transformation on a global scale

The Posner Center is disrupting the phenomenon of global development organizations operating in isolation from one another. This is a magnificent time to invest in our model and our community as we take the next big steps to transform global development. Contact our Development Director to get started.

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