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We’re growing a community of innovators. A dynamic group of energetic self-starters. With every increased connection, every additional possibility for collaboration, we believe we’re growing the possibility for innovation in international development. It’s going beyond not just recreating the wheel, but finding ways to bring together experts around a particular issue, and using those experts to do what they do best: Create lasting solutions to poverty—as informed by the communities we work in and with—in the most efficient, effective, and comprehensive ways possible. Think of it as a hyper-focused, continually-evolving practice of collective impact.

Beyond driving innovation around the issues our organizations and businesses work on, being in our community also provides opportunities for peer learning, resource sharing, connections to job openings around areas of international development, reduced costs for shared services, networking, global learning, the chance to build skills and relationships that will move your work forward, and…

Let’s be honest. The possibilities are endless. And your presence here changes everything.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to add your expertise to the mix.

Find out how to become a tenant or a member here, and join in on all the fun.

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