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Recurring Programs

The Posner Center’s programming connects and strengthens our community in our shared pursuit of greater impact around the world. Our programs build on the capacity and experience of Tenants and Members and also draw in international development experts from outside of our community. All programs are open to Tenants and Members only.

Formal Programming

Global Cafe

A new program in 2018, this series provides a forum for facilitated dialogue between Tenants and Members. Typically centered on a particular geographic or sector-based issue, these cafes are modeled after the World Café method and encourage listening, learning, and conversation as a mechanism to arrive at new ideas and subsequent action. A great way to meet others working in your region or sector, and a starting point for the continued resource-sharing, learning, and collective action in this community.

Development Dialogue

Led by experts from the Posner Center community and beyond, Development Dialogues provide a venue for learning about best practices in evidence-based international development. They combine presentation with dialogue, and each session provides a practical resource or tool for participants to use moving forward.


These are in depth trainings on a particular topic, such as evaluation, board development, or strategic planning. The format and length varies, but all are skill-building workshops that address key professional and organizational development needs in our community.

Peer-Led Programming

Executive Director/Organizational Leaders Club

This is a peer support and learning group for Executive Directors and other organizational leaders. The group alternates monthly between a defined topic with a key presenter and an ‘open’ session wherein attendees come and discuss any challenges, successes, or questions that are emerging at that time.

Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Club

This is a peer-learning group comprised of evaluation professionals and those looking to learn and engage more with M&E. Participants share resources, tools, and engage in thoughtful dialogue about monitoring & evaluation. Periodically, group members present on a particular project or methodology and seek feedback from the group.


Catalyze Our Collaboration

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