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Burke Fishburn


Executive Director

Why am I at Posner?

I love the vibrant, caring, community of Posner Center Tenants, Members and partners, and the talented Posner team. I love being able to care for this beautiful old Horse Barn. I love that I get to use my many years of global public health experience and management expertise in new, inspiring ways. I love being part of the community that is making Denver and Colorado an international hub. And mostly I love the promise of the big things that the Posner Center can accomplish, and the challenge of taking a big step towards being the leader of collaborative international development.

What gets me fired up?

The intersection of global public health and international development, local IPAs, Frightened Rabbit and Henry Miller.

More about me:

I paint very large, derivative abstracts and am currently on a triathlon sabbatical.

Ask me about:

Clyfford Still, backyard chickens, the superiority of Hanoi Phở and steel hardtails.

Some of my flashy credentials:

My professional life started as a shipboard US Naval Officer. From there I began an accidental public health career, first managing the US Department of Health and Human Services legislative program, transitioned to advising on food and drug safety policy, then built a policy and evaluation team in the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Office on Smoking and Health. In 2001 I made the move to global public health, first as a CDC Technical Officer on loan to the World Health Organization in Vietnam and other countries, and later as a WHO Regional Coordinator for the Tobacco Free Initiative responsible anti-smoking activities in over 20 countries. In 2008 my family and I moved back to the United States where I founded and managed a series of consulting firms devoted to global public health, before becoming the Executive Director of the Posner Center.