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Daniel Harris



Why am I at Posner?

Colorado has some amazing people who are working to address global problems. I’m excited to be a part of the Posner Center team to support and grow our community of global citizens, and to draw attention to Colorado as a center for global development!

What gets me fired up?

Helping people realize their personal visions about making the world a better place. Also, trail running, travel, and spending time with my wife Julie and daughters Emma and Nina.

More about me:

As Business Initiatives Manager at Wells Fargo Philanthropic Services, I am responsible for strategic planning and critical analysis for our national team. I also work with individuals, families, and nonprofits to maximize the impact of their philanthropic initiatives. I’m passionate about philanthropy. I’m a frequent speaker at conferences on gift planning and philanthropy.

Ask me about:

Cool ideas in philanthropy; great places to run in Colorado’s mountains; the wonderful things that my wife and daughters are up to!

Some of my flashy credentials: