Emily Sarmiento

Director Board

Emily found her calling when refugees and immigrants to the US educated her about the devastation caused by violence and poverty in their home countries. As a founding member of a Spanish-speaking church and transitional service center, Emily became passionate about holistic solutions to the root causes of injustice.

After two years as a public school teacher, Emily began a social impact leadership career that has taken her to nearly 50 countries and spans agricultural development in Latin America, global youth economic entrepreneurship, faith-based humanitarian response, and global church, child, and youth development. Her experience across organizations and models has led her to critical reflection on the poverty alleviation industry. This includes reconsidering the impact of, and her own contributions within, the faith-based sector to which she presently belongs.

Emily joined Tearfund USA as CEO in 2020, aligning with its justice theology and unique approach to community development and advocacy. In her role and spare time, Emily seeks to help Christians understand how they contribute to oppressive systems and inspire them to change. She seeks movements and opportunities that help reimagine what it means to follow Jesus by living what he modeled: resisting religiosity and empire and pursuing justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.