Mission and Vision

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Mission:  To build a community of innovators who grow lasting solutions to global poverty.

Vision:  To be the epicenter of global community empowerment

Colorado is home to more than 200 organizations and social ventures focusing on international development. Their work encompasses agriculture, community development, education, energy, health, infrastructure, and microfinance, among other fields. They share similar goals, such as designing or distributing products or services that improve the quality of life for the poorest people on the planet; They serve similar populations, targeting their operations not only at the same continents — Africa, Asia, and Latin America — but in some cases even at the same countries; And they confront similar administrative burdens and financial challenges.  Yet most of these organizations operate in isolation from one another.

The Posner Center brings together 30+ development-oriented businesses and organizations in a 25,000 square-foot shared space in Denver’s Curtis Park neighborhood to enable them to exchange ideas, cut costs, and improve the products and services they deliver. Collaboration will spur innovation, boost distribution, and generate new, sustainable ventures. Over time, Colorado will become a top destination for talented entrepreneurs and development organizations.

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