Symposium 2021: An Inspirational Collage of Points of View

The Posner Center’s Symposium 2021 is in the books and it was truly an inspiring experience! It took place as a series of virtual sessions from Nov 3rd to Nov 19th with an interactive platform for sharing, collaborating, and learning.  The platform will continue to be available for participants to continue discussions, review session recordings, and connect with other attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors.

We had 370+ participants, 40% of whom joined from Colorado and the rest from 22 other U.S. states and 25 other countries in Africa, South and Southeast Asia, South and Central America, and Europe.

We are elated at the engagement, the conversation, the knowledge that has been shared over the last 2 1/2 weeks and appreciate all who put energy, resources, time, and thoughtful intent into making it a genuinely remarkable experience.

This is not the end, but truly our new beginning. It’s the beginning of a community – new connections here to do the hard work and take the next steps.  It is our hope that the Symposium is more than a space for learning but is a catalyst for change.

Check out our program video and weekly recaps to see how it all came together!

Full Recap

3rd and Final Week Recap

2nd Week Recap

1st Week Recap

Program Overview