Original Stewards of the Land

The Posner Center sits on lands of the Cheyenne and Arapahoe.  It’s our policy to begin all public events at the Posner Center with a formal acknowledgment of the lands on which the events take place. We recognize that the Posner Center Community and its collaborative global development work are possible because of past and current sacrifices of this land’s original peoples. We honor the original stewards of this land and history of this space we are fortunate to gather in today.

Place for Collaboration

Development organizations face many similar challenges in their work to create change around the world – and they also face similar challenges when it comes to office space.

Small budgets, competition for limited resources, a lack of connection, and feeling isolated from your team overseas are among some of the biggest challenges for development practitioners, especially in Colorado. This is why we created the Posner Center, because we believe that sharing and collaboration can transform the way we do development work.

To help create efficiencies and collaboration right from the start, our Horse Barn home serves as a collaborative workspace for over 60 organizations in our community – our Tenants. They share space, each occupying their own footprint in the building and sharing meeting rooms of all sizes, and access to other office necessities.

Our building is comprised of 50% shared space or common areas, which is useable by all Tenants.  Posner Center Community Members are provided with desk days to use our shared space during working hours and have space rental privileges for events.  For more information on specific spaces for rent, please see our space rental page and check out our Policies & Pricing guidelines.

More Than Just Space

For us, it’s not just about sharing space. By convening like-minded, development-driving organizations the Posner Center activates our “physical and virtual space” to create a true community, where an exchange of ideas and resources naturally occurs.

Learn more about the resources we provide to our Tenants and Members and the dynamic programming that brings our shared space alive and enables our Community to transform the way they do global development.