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for greater impact.

Invest in collaboration. Invest in knowledge. Invest in innovation and entrepreneurship. Invest in impact.

After less than a decade of existence, the Posner Center has disrupted the phenomenon of global development organizations operating in isolation from one another. This is a magnificent time to invest in our model and our community as we take the next big steps to transform global development.  Investment in the Posner Center continues to return exceptional value.

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Join our Catalyzer Network

The Catalyzer Network is a group of active citizens who believe we can make significantly bigger and more equitable impacts in global development through collaboration.

By joining our Catalyzer Network with a recurring monthly, quarterly or annual donation, you become a sustaining transformation partner to our community of 200 organizations working in over 100 countries in virtually all sectors of development.  Your partnership will accelerate and strengthen our collaborative endeavors to improve equity and prosperity in people’s lives around the world.

Spark transformation. Ignite global impact.

Invest in our Unique Impact Model and Strategic Programs

We partner with individuals, foundations and private enterprises investing in Colorado as a hub for global development and engagement.  

We need donors interested in investing in:
  • Our grant program that funds innovative partnerships, leveraging the power of collaboration for greatest impact
  • Sponsoring projects like our annual symposium or report on collaborative global development
  • Advocacy and promotion of evidence-based best practices in global development
  • Organizational and professional development to strengthen the capacity our our community
  • Exploring new opportunities to transform global development for greater impact

For further information or to explore opportunities, contact our Executive Director.

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Help us raise $200,000 to secure a strong future for the Posner Center post-COVID-19.

Invest in the future of our Posner Center Community.

The Posner Center has grown because of its commitment to coming together, demonstrating we can have more impact on human lives around the world through collaboration. Our Posner Center Community of tenants and members have been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic and the effects of this pandemic will last longer than anticipated.  Our Community is resilient, innovative and we’re sticking together!

Keep our Posner Center Community strong as we get through this pandemic.

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Our Top Donors:

  • Arrow Electronics
  • Beyond Our Borders
  • CoBank
  • Collegiate Peaks Bank
  • Corus International
  • Elizabeth Ellis
  • Engineers without Borders
  • GAN
  • Global Washington
  • Green Fund
  • GRF CPAs & Advisors
  • Dan Harris
  • Harvey Family Foundation
  • iDE
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • JHJ Posner Family Foundation
  • PB and K Family Foundation
  • Allison Phillips
  • Regis University
  • Party B Cause
  • Patrick Riley
  • Rose Foundation
  • Rick & Nina Schuyler
  • University of Colorado Denver’s Jake Jabs Center for Entrepreneurship
  • University of Denver’s Josef Korbel School of International Studies
  • US Bank Foundation
  • Willett Foundation
  • Chris Woldum
  • Zeppelin Development