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Virtual sessions throughout the weeks of
November 3 to 19th, 2021
on decolonizing and shifting power in our social impact work.

We’re inviting attendees from around the world who are looking to focus on anti-racism in development work, diversify the global development field, and have a more equitable impact that begins to repair past and current injustices. We will collaborate and learn about ways we can disrupt deeply-rooted imperialist power structures and assumptions that are still embedded in our development work, and reimagine more just approaches for global impact.

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Becoming Something Big

In February 2019, we held our inaugural Posner Center Symposium, convening global development leaders, practitioners, researchers, academics and supporters with the purpose of sharing knowledge, experiences, and lessons learned to improve global development work and contribute to the evidence base of best practices in collaborative global development.

The success of our first Symposium reflected the enthusiasm and innovation of the Posner Center Community as well as the rigor of its knowledge and expertise:

  • 165 participants, 34 speakers, and 9 terrific Partners and Sponsors
  • An inspiring keynote speaker and a showcase on a collaborative evaluation framework
  • A dozen breakout sessions on gender, market-based approaches, community-based participatory research, and more
  • Plus novel formats like an Oxford Style debate and chain reaction panel…
  • All in one hardworking historic 25,000 square foot building.
Photo by Jamie Hansen

For our second annual Symposium in February 2020, we convened an even larger community of leaders and agitators who are thinking differently about how we make significantly bigger impacts in global development work through collaboration. With attendees from Seattle, California, Washington D.C. and Mexico mixed with our Posner Center and Colorado communities, we had two days of great collective energy, insightful dialogues and lots of “big & bad” ideas in collaborative global development:  

  • 220 participants, 24 speakers, and 17 awesome Partners and Sponsors
  • workshops on social entrepreneurship and monitoring & evaluation
  • plenary and break-out sessions around global development themes such as community-led development and empowering local entrepreneurs
  • Plus a fail fest, lots of networking and a specially commissioned World Connected mural
  • In our intimate and unique Posner Center environment.

The Posner Center Symposium is not your typical symposium. We present new case studies, raw lessons learned (successes and failures), and bold ideas and their results. Certain each year to be engaging and memorable, we take risks with provocative content and innovative protocols.  And, with collaboration at our core, there is always ample opportunity for genuine networking and mixing with other Symposium participants. 

We have ambitious plans to scale the Symposium to an international conference. Although year by year themes will shift, it will maintain an ongoing focus on collaboration, and continue to be central to our efforts to establish Denver and our Center as a leader, convener, and facilitator for global development work, both at home and abroad.


In 2021, the Symposium will be fully virtual and will center on the topics of equity, justice, and decolonization in global development work, both at home and abroad. The Symposium will take place over the course of three weeks from November 3 through November 19, and will be fully integrated with the International Collaboration Fund and Catalyst Report

We’re excited about the new format that will welcome attendees from around the world.  You can explore program details and find registration information as it becomes available on our 2021 Symposium home page.


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