Posner Center Symposium 2022

Decolonizing: Beyond the Buzz
All Virtual Sessions | 9-18 November 2022

Symposium 2021 captivated, inspired, and amplified voices

Virtual sessions were held throughout 3 weeks in November 2021  on decolonizing and shifting power in our social impact work. 

We had 370+ participants over the two and half weeks.  One-third were from the Posner Center Community, but we’re thrilled that the other two-thirds joined us from organizations and locations new to our community.

Over 40% of participants joined us from Colorado and the rest from 22 other U.S. states and 25 other countries in Africa, South and Southeast Asia, South and Central America, and Europe.

We gathered to focus on anti-racism in development work, diversify the global development field, and have a more equitable impact that begins to repair past and current injustices. We collaborated and thought about ways we can disrupt deeply-rooted imperialist power structures and assumptions that are still embedded in our development work, and reimagined more just approaches for global impact.


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