The imperative to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals means that the global development community needs to be leading high-impact, transformative work around the world. Our investment in capacity-building work is a key element of our effort to strengthen the development practice of the entire Posner Center Community.

We partner with experts in their respective fields to co-create deeper opportunities that are identified and selected based on their ability to create meaningful change within organizations and with the communities in which they work.

While praxis is open to the public, Communities of Practice and the Leadership Certificate programs are open only to the Posner Center Community.  Join us to take advantage of these impactful opportunities!


praxis is a collaboration between the Posner Center and Regis University’s  Development Practice. This partnership includes two programs: Data, Design, and Evaluation which focuses on Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning; and New Lenses for Storytelling: From Critique to (re)Creation led by Rebel Spirit Collective.

You can find the class schedule and program details here.

Communities of Practice

To bring together the Posner Center Community for collaboration, we coordinate outcome-oriented professional development Communities of Practice. Communities of Practice are created and led by those in the Posner Community based on participants’ needs and interests. While topics and formats vary, each group works together to learn about and apply more equitable practices in their respective focus area. Current Communities of Practice include Organizational Leaders; Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL); Communications; Gender Equity & Equality; and Development & Fundraising.

Each Community of Practice meets on its own schedule and drives its own agenda, activities, and programming. To get information about joining a Community of Practice, please reach out to our Program Director.

Leadership Certificate

We believe that leadership is a choice, and that anyone can exercise leadership – regardless of their role within an organization. The Posner Center Leadership Certificate brings together three impactful programs to support leadership development within our community. You can take the programs in any order: you can begin with the Mentoring or Coaching program to clarify your leadership challenges and goals before learning tools in a peer group through the Leading Sustainable Change Program; you can begin with Leading Sustainable Change, then practice your leadership tools as a mentor or with support from a coach. Although you can participate in each of these three programs on their own, each builds on the others and after participating in all three programs you will receive a Posner Center Leadership Certificate.  To learn more, join the information session for the leadership certificate on January 12.


The Posner Center Mentoring Program cultivates year-long mentoring relationships in the Posner Center Community by partnering you with another global development or social impact professional. Our mentoring relationships are “give and give,” intended to support the professional development of both Mentors and Mentees, providing opportunities to give and receive career support, enrich your contributions to global development, and practice leadership.

Explore Mentoring Program details and apply here.


The Posner Center Coaching Program provides pay-what-you-can coaching opportunities to our community in partnership with the International Coach Federation – Colorado. In ten sessions over six months, coaches “partner with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” As an objective, non-judgmental listener, a coach can help you uncover the strategies and steps forward that will work best for you to make your life easier, more peaceful, and more fulfilling. The Coaching Program is six months long and applications open in January of each year.

Explore Coaching Program details and apply here.

Leading Sustainable Change

We partner with Alexander & Associates LLC to deliver a training series based on the Adaptive Leadership model, a framework that helps individuals and organizations adapt and thrive in challenging environments. This series focuses on gaining a deeper knowledge of your own and others’ style and personality in order to have a deeper understanding of individual and group behaviors. You will have the opportunity to learn from failure through individual case studies and group consultations, all with the goal of effecting sustainable change within organizations. Select program participants will be invited to facilitate the following cohort of the program to embed these practices within the Posner Center Community. The Leading Sustainable Change program includes nine sessions beginning in June or July each year.

Explore details about Leading Sustainable Change and apply here.