The imperative to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals means that the global development community needs to be leading high-impact, transformative work around the world. Our investment in capacity building work is a key element of our effort to strengthen the development practice of the entire Posner Center Community.

We partner with experts in their respective fields to co-create deeper  opportunities that are identified and selected based on their ability to create meaningful change within organizations and with the communities in which they work.

Following are a just a few of the capacity building programming  we have provided—and plan to continue to provide-—to support the professional and organizational development of the Posner Center Community, both Tenants and Members.

Join us to take advantage of these impactful opportunities!


Begun in early 2018, praxis is a collaboration between the Posner Center and Regis University’s  Development Practice that delivers a series of monitoring and evaluation short courses so social impact professionals can strengthen their evidence-based development impact. We have continued to expand these field-expert-taught course offerings to include Qualitative Data Collection, Qualitative Data Assessment, Data Visualization and Program Design,  and are now offering a new praxis Certificate.

2021 class schedule and program details can be found here.

Resilience Training Series

Resilience is “the ability of people, households, communities, countries and systems to mitigate, adapt to and recover from shocks and stresses in a manner that reduces chronic vulnerability and facilitates inclusive growth.” (USAID) To focus on this critical element of effective global development, the Posner Center leverages the skills and experience of our community and outside experts to lead a multi-session series on resilience in global development.  Find out details here.

Leading Sustainable Change

We partner with Alexander & Associates LLC to deliver a training series based on the Adaptive Leadership model, a framework that helps individuals and organizations adapt and thrive in challenging environments. This series focused on gaining a deeper knowledge of style and personality of self and others in order to have a deeper understanding of individual and group behaviors, and learning from failure through individual case studies and group consultations, all with the goal of affecting sustainable change within organizations. Find out details here.

Strategic Board Leadership

In 2018 we launched a training series with Kate Kalstein Consulting to provide participants with comprehensive tools, templates, and support to implement effective Board development, with an emphasis on best practices in governance. We plan to repeat this or similar series for the Posner Center Community to maximize the power of boards to lead nonprofit organizations.

Mentoring & Coaching

The Posner Center Mentoring Program cultivates the professional development of the Posner Center Community by facilitating a mentoring process among global development professionals as well as those working in related sectors. Our mentoring relationships are “give and give”, intended to both enhance the professional development of the Mentee, and provide opportunities for Mentors to enrich their contributions to global development and further develop as leaders.

Explore 2021 program details and sign up here.

Posner Center also provides coaching opportunities to our Community, in partnership with the International Coach Federation – Colorado. Find out all about the coaching program here.

Communities of Practice

To collaboratively strengthen the global development leadership skills and competencies of its community members, the Posner Center facilitates outcome-oriented professional development Communities of Practice. These communities are established and led by Posner Tenants and Members based on their current needs and interests. Current Communities of Practice include Organizational Leadership, Monitoring & Evaluation, Communications, Gender Advocacy, Field Staff Leadership, and Development & Fundraising.

Each Community of Practice meets on its own schedule and drives its own agenda, activities, and programming.  Communities of Practice are open to Tenants and Members of the Posner Center only.  Please join our Posner Community to participate. To get information about joining a Community of Practice, please reach out to our Program Director.