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  • Alexander & Associates LLC (Member)

    Alexander & Associates LLC provides consulting and coaching for leaders and groups who intend to thrive in a world of challenging economic, social and environmental realities. We work with leaders, teams and entire organizations to provide confidential and effective strategies that address challenges without obvious solutions. Our clients tell us that we help them see new and broader perspectives that allow them to address real and underlying issues that block their success. Our focus areas include corporate responsibility and sustainability leadership, change leadership, adaptive leadership and executive coaching. As seasoned leaders ourselves, we have a special commitment to support the development of future generations of change leaders. View Website>>
    Countries: Global
    Focus Areas: Climate / Environment, Education / Schools, Entrepreneurship / Business Development, General, Peace and Justice, Policy and Research, Water / Sanitation
  • Project Education South Sudan (Member)

    Project Education South Sudan is a Denver-based 501c3 that has worked to help girls in Sudan -- and now South Sudan -- access an education since 2005. We send high school age girls to school and help them further their aspirational goals with leadership development and additional mentoring. A small but mighty organization, PESS is comprised almost entirely of dedicated volunteers, but we have seen remarkable impact. For instance, whereas an estimated 15% of women in South Sudan are literate, PESS can boast that over 90% of our girl scholars graduate secondary school, a tremendous achievement! View website.  
    Countries: South Sudan
    Focus Areas: Children, Education / Schools, Entrepreneurship / Business Development, Gender Equality, Women
  • Matt Allen (Member)

    Focus Areas:
  • Erin McLain Coaching & Consulting (Member)

    Erin McLain is a leadership coach and consultant. She helps people and organizations fulfill their potential and realize their inner most goals and aspirations. Her expertise in leadership and organizational development has been formed throughout more than 25 years of work experience with teams, individuals and organizations with revenues ranging from ,000 up to million. Erin works with executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, nonprofit organizations and corporations. View website.
    Countries: Global
    Focus Areas: General
  • Partners of the Americas (Member)

    Partner of the Americas is the largest international volunteer group working to improve relations and quality of life among the countries involved. Today there are more than 20,000 volunteers in the sixty Partnerships. Together these volunteers of very diversified backgrounds, professional experiences, ages, and nationalities share Partners’ philosophy of better understanding and respect among people of the Americas and the Caribbean. They contribute their time, energy, experience and know-how to projects. Some 1500 projects in several areas of activities are carried-out by Partners each year. View website.
    Countries: Brazil, Global
    Focus Areas: Agriculture / Food Security, Climate / Environment, Education / Schools, General
  • True Impact Ministries (Member)

    True Impact Ministries mobilizes and enables ordinary people to make an extraordinary impact on the lives of people in impoverished and developing areas of the world through child sponsorships, special building projects (water, building and infrastructure), provision of donated goods (clothing, medicine, school supplies, etc.), and the allocation of donated funds for specific individual/ministry needs (education, healthcare, etc.). View website.
    Countries: Uganda
    Focus Areas: Children, Education / Schools, Health, Infrastructure
  • For the Good (Member)

    For the Good (FtG) employs multi-strategy solutions to achieve systematic education reform. They leverage existing government structures that fund schools and latent community capacity to improve enrollment, retention and primary-secondary transition rates for girls through a program model that is scalable and replicable. View website.
    Countries: Kenya
    Focus Areas: Education / Schools, Gender Equality, Women
  • Colorado Public Television (Member)

    Colorado Public Television has proudly provided local and global perspectives to Colorado audiences for 40 years. Our award-winning production team has worked closely with other non-profits to successfully tell their stories and magnify their mission. By providing these video services to organizations, we are able to celebrate the collective success and impact of the entire state of Colorado. View website.
    Countries: Global
    Focus Areas: General
  • Aaron Manheim (Member)

    Salesforce professional with 10+ years of deep business analyst, system administrator and developer experience.  I've been working for Salesforce since 2006 where I started in the mailroom and worked my way up through Technical Support, IT and now R&D.  I've worked on implementations of the Salesforce platform for both very small- and very large-scale organizations, including Salesforce's own internal implementation of our platform across our many business units. I'm interested in connecting with Posner Center organizations and hearing how they are utilizing Salesforce and potentially helping them optimize their use of the Salesforce platform. Note that I'm not a sales guy and have no interest in selling anything to anyone!  Salesforce encourages all employees to donate our time by volunteering or providing pro bono consultative services to non-profits, so working with the organizations at Posner is entirely within the charter of my job and I'm happy to do it! View Website>>
    Countries: Global
    Focus Areas: General
  • Abdul Wahed (Member)

    A consultant with expertise in: Capacity assessment for development as well as humanitarian agencies and design capacity building actions; Conducting evaluation for any project/programs for the development as well as humanitarian organizations; Participatory large scale project design for rural and urban development; Developing tools and technique on Monitoring & Evaluation; Conducting humanitarian principles and practices training for the humanitarian staff; Sphere TOT (trainers of training) training for the humanitarian staff; Facilitating for any need assessment such as rapid, joint need assessment etc; Facilitating for Strategic plan for any development agencies; Conducting different simulations training for staff on natural hazards such as Earth Quake, Floods, Fire etc. 
    Countries: Global
    Focus Areas: Agriculture / Food Security, Climate / Environment, Disaster Relief / Humanitarian Aid, Governance / Institution Building, Refugees / Asylees, Water / Sanitation, Women
  • Africa Agenda (Tenant)

    Africa Agenda is driven by the need to change the one-sided narrative of African News. We use the Africa Agenda website, journalistic tools, and events, including the Africa News Matters website, as platforms for critical engagement and news analysis about the African continent. Learn more at www.africaagenda.org and www.AfricaNewsMatters.com.
    Countries: Global
    Focus Areas: Policy and Research
  • The Africa Center (Member)

    The Africa Center’s mission is to foster environmental, economic, and social sustainability through teaching, research, and engagement. The Africa Center is a forum for issues of African biodiversity, conservation, and sustainability; a network of Colorado State University faculty, students, staff, surrounding community members, and African partners for research, education and engagement; provides a platform for CSU faculty, students, staff, community members, and Africans to engage with one another on African issues; links diverse types of knowledge to identify and solve environmental, economic, and social problems. View Website>>
    Countries: Global
    Focus Areas: Education / Schools
  • Africa Development Promise (Tenant)

    Africa Development Promise builds on and strengthens the collective action of rural entrepreneurial women through agriculture in East Africa. We champion the cooperative approach because of its principles of democracy, inclusion and solidarity – cooperatives empower members by promoting self-help and self-responsibility. When women can contribute their creativity, innovation and hard work, prosperity and independence follow, lifting entire communities out of poverty. View Website>>
    Countries: Uganda
    Focus Areas: Agriculture / Food Security, Entrepreneurship / Business Development
  • Africa in the Rockies (Member)

    Africa in the Rockies strives to is to increase social awareness and knowledge of Africa by providing information, materials, and services to local schools, libraries, media, and the community. By providing comprehensive information and networking opportunities, we hope to motivate individuals and organizations towards positive action and support of sustainable policies, as well as fostering an understanding and appreciation of a complex continent. View Website>>>
    Countries: Global
    Focus Areas: Education / Schools, Entrepreneurship / Business Development
  • AfricAid (Tenant)

    AfricAid mentors secondary school girls in Tanzania to complete their education, develop into confident leaders, and transform their own lives and their communities. We equip girls to overcome challenges and reach their full potential because educated girls create lasting positive change. The outcome is resilient, proactive, and socially-responsible girls who secure better jobs, raise healthier families, and increase the standing of women in society. View Website ››
    Countries: Tanzania, Zambia
    Focus Areas: Children, Education / Schools, Entrepreneurship / Business Development, Gender Equality, Health, Technology, Women
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