Our community is the heart of what we do. We are representative of the greater field of global development, including nonprofit organizations both large and small, private enterprises, university departments, consultants, service providers, and individuals engaged with global development issues. We number close to 200 and we are engaged in work in over 100 countries, encompassing all sectors and approaches to development work.

Our community is comprised of our Tenants and our Members. Learn more about how they engage with us and how you can get involved.

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Accion is a global nonprofit committed to creating a financial inclusive world, with a pioneering legacy in microfinance and fintech impact investing. Our mission is to give people the financial tools they need to improve their lives and build resilience when its more important than ever.
We take an integrated approach to financial inclusion, partnering with local institutions to transform financial markets. We do this through influencing, investing, and advising.

Website: https://www.accion.org/Countries: Global Organization Type: Project Implementation or Direct Service Delivery

Alejandra Soto

Alejandra Soto is a bilingual, highly motivated international professional and project coordinator with +8 years of experience from NGOs, USAID, and the private sector. Her last years of experience include the support in the design, implementation, oversight, monitoring, and evaluation of crime and violence prevention projects focused on youth in Mexico, grants management, and the development of public-private partnerships. In addition, her knowledge and experience include international cooperation, public policy, higher education, democracy, good governance, rule of law, public administration, e-government, human rights, and women’s empowerment. Expert in managing and securing relationships with private sector companies and liaising and collaborating with multiple stakeholders in government, civil society, and academia, she is seeking a position in an international development organization that addresses current global challenges such as environmental, economic, social, sustainable peace, rule of law, gender equality, and the strengthening of governance to create better opportunities for marginalized populations, but especially for women and girls.

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alejandra-soto-52b20b19/Countries: Caribbean, Mexico, South America Organization Type: Individual

Alex Grossman

Alex is the Senior Communications Officer at Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights. Alex has experience managing communications in the social justice and philanthropic spaces. She has a background in indigenous rights, women’s rights, and environmental policy. Alex previously developed communications content and strategy for Global Greengrants Fund, The Center of Effective Global Action at U.C. Berkeley, and The Climate Reality Project. Alex has a M.A. in Latin American Studies from Boston University and a B.A. in International Relations and Anthropology from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Countries: Global Organization Type: Philanthropy or Funding

Alison Suthers

Alison Suthers is a practicing attorney with experience in criminal law and procedure and an interest in immigration issues. Alison is also a Masters in Development Practice (MDP) 2024 candidate at Regis University. She is also a board member of FLuME Foundation (focused on education in India) and the Congo Relief Mission board member (focused on children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo).

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alison-suthers-25b8471/Countries: Democratic Republic of the Congo, India Organization Type: Individual

Amir Sadafi

Amir Sadafi’s most recent professional experience is in the field of international higher education, where his efforts were focused on supporting promising young scholars around the developing world. Delivering programming in over 65 countries, he has helped thousands of students by connecting them to funding opportunities to enable them to access educational opportunities in the US. Amir has extensive experience in international programing, working in the field of peacebuilding and grassroots social, environmental, and political advocacy in Senegal, Togo, Thailand, Syria, Palestine and the UK. Amir holds an MSc in Middle East Politics with a focus on gender and conflict from SOAS, University of London.

Countries: Global Organization Type: Individual

Andrea Altman

a Certified Project Manager with 10+ years of experience building and implementing long-term plans, strategies, and processes across organizations to magnify social impact, Andrea Altman cares about people and about putting good into the world. Altman thrives on supporting cross-functional teams that are working towards a common goal. When people feel valued they can do their best work, and that is when BIG change is truly possible.

Countries: United States Organization Type: Consultant/Training

Andrea Nelson Trice

Andrea earned her doctorate in Higher and Adult Education from The University of Michigan and worked for several years as a faculty member at Purdue University. Over the past two decades she has gained experience as an internal and external evaluator, nonprofit board member, consultant, and author. Her consulting and evaluation work with nonprofits and social enterprises has included a variety of clients: Northwestern University, Hope International, Resource Global, Compassion International, National Academy of Sciences, and National Science Foundation.
Andrea enjoys helping organizations gather actionable data and wrestle with their implications, as well as the challenge of measuring such abstract outcomes as hope, dignity, and spiritual growth. Andrea’s forthcoming book, Harnessing Power, examines the human complexities of establishing social enterprises in emerging markets. It is scheduled for release in Winter 2021. She is a Senior Fellow with the Sagamore Institute and an Affiliate Faculty Member of Regis University.

Countries: United States Organization Type: Individual

Anna Stolk

Anna Stolk recently relocated to Denver and works remotely as a Program Manager at Chemonics International. Stolk would like to grow her network in the international development community in Denver.

Chemonics International Mission Statement: “Our mission is to promote meaningful change around the world to help people live healthier, more productive, and more independent lives.”

Countries: Global Organization Type: Individual

Anne Zeifman

Anne Zeifman is a seasoned veterinarian from New York, who is in the process of shifting her career focus from small animal practice to the advancement of the One Health integrated approach to global healthcare. She has a deep fund of medical knowledge and experience, excellent verbal and written communication skills, and is bilingual. She envisions working for an NGO, for a governmental agency or as an educator in this important field. She will bring her passion, many years of experience, and expertise in leadership and team building to help tackle the interrelated threats to human, animal, and environmental health.

Countries: Global, United States Organization Type: Individual

Brooke Sparling

Congo Activists is a group of grassroots activists in the USA raising awareness about the conflict in D.R. Congo and working for justice and peace in DRC. The Hike for Congo is our annual fundraiser.

Countries: Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo Organization Type: Philanthropy or Funding

Charles Hammaker

Charles Hammaker is an undergraduate student at Western Colorado University aiming to graduate with a B.A. in English, a minor in Spanish, a minor in Humanities & Diversity, with a professional writing certificate. He is the current Multicultural Center (MCC) Director of the Student Government Association. Charles is of mixed heritage and grew up in a multicultural city, greatly impacting his idea of his current role. As MCC director, he aims to promote cultural awareness and representation on campus, while also providing professional development opportunities for our MCC students.

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/charles-hammaker-53ab4a148/Countries: United States Organization Type: Academic Institution/Program

Chris Allan

Chris Allan is a consultant on international environmental and development programming, and has a Masters Degree in Social Change and Development from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, DC, and a Bachelors Degree in Biology and African Studies from Wesleyan University in Connecticut.

He has thirty years experience in community development and environmental protection and has worked with the Environmental Health Fund as International Programs Advisor, Global Greengrants Fund as both Program Director and Development Director, Lutheran Refugee Services as Employment Administrator, Catholic Relief Services in Africa and the US, and the US Peace Corps in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Allan has designed development and environmental programs, managed budgets from $200,000 to $20 million, raised funds from governments, foundations, and major donors, designed, managed and led evaluations of programs, designed and led training and organizational development workshops, built and managed global networks, and traveled and worked extensively on every continent except Antarctica.

Countries: United States Organization Type: Individual

Chris Vannote

Chris Vannote is an international project manager, planner, and civil engineer with 33 years of experience worldwide in project management, planning and engineering, community participation, and stakeholder coordination. Currently looking for short-term or long-term opportunities on international development projects that can use my intercultural skills, foreign language capabilities, project management and leadership skills, community relations experience, and engineering experience. Fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, and French. Work experience includes throughout South America, Africa, and worldwide.

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisvannote/Countries: Global, South America Organization Type: Consultant/Training

Claire Read

Dr. Claire Read is the founder and CEO of ProSocial Dynamics, LLC, a woman-owned small business providing consulting and coaching services in the areas of team systems, executive, and leader/leadership coaching. Claire works with the Prosocial Process for Team Self-Governance, a method for developing swift trust, psychological safety, and a deep commitment to the team’s shared purpose. Prosocial provides a framework for teams to self-charter and have agency over their own internal affairs.

Dr. Read’s mission is to create organizations and teams that foster a deeper human pattern of consciousness, developing a deep understanding that we live in a much wider ecological system than just ourselves, for which we bear responsibility. As a proponent of the Prosocial ARC (Awareness, Relationship, Culture) Path, she is committed to introducing Prosocial principles, a set of social principles that tend to decrease self-interested behavior and foster flexible behaviors. These behaviors enhance the good of the group and the system as a whole to serve as a vehicle for embracing human and planetary needs as our global organizing principles. The Prosocial Path is evolutionary in that it develops swift change in the way teams and groups relate to their environments and to the larger systems, moving from “what is good for me” to “what is good for the group as a whole,” a useful concept for the survival of the planet.

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/clairereadphd/Countries: United States Organization Type: Consultant/Training

College of Liberal Arts Public Policy and Administration

International organizations, government agencies, and nonprofits are actively seeking skilled professionals to lead teams and develop policies that improve people’s lives. The Master of Public Policy and Administration (MPPA) prepares students for public sector or nonprofit leadership through an interdisciplinary curriculum that integrates research-based academic theory with real-world experience.

Website: https://www.libarts.colostate.edu/students/graduate-programs/master-of-public-policy-and-administration/Countries: Global Organization Type: Academic Institution/Program

Colorado State University System – SPUR Campus

The Colorado State University System exists to support, enhance, and protect the unique missions of its constituent institutions and to encourage collaboration that benefits students and Colorado.

Website: https://csusystem.edu/we-are-colorado/Countries: United States Organization Type: Academic Institution/Program

David Walker

David Walker has more than 20 years of experience leading organizations in the public health and conservation sectors. He is currently Executive VP at the Population Media Center where he oversees all activity with a particular focus on strategic planning, including the successful implementation of programs and new program development. The Population Media Center’s goals are to equip people to live healthier and more prosperous lives and to stabilize the global population at a level at which people can live sustainably with the world’s renewable resources. David’s aim is to use entertainment education and mass media to promote social and cultural change by addressing the interconnected issues of the full rights of women and girls, the population, and the environment.

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidwalker28/Countries: Global Organization Type: Individual

Deena Duwaik

Deena Duwaik is currently pursuing her MPA with hopes of becoming a private sector executive. She identifies as a Middle Eastern woman and has lived/ worked in countries around the world. She has a passion for women and refugees, in particular the policies that directly impact them, and currently works at an anti-hunger nonprofit which works to identify and resolve the root causes of food insecurity.

Countries: United States Organization Type: Individual

Denver Department of Public Health and Environment

The Denver Department of Public Health & Environment (DDPHE) is Denver’s nationally accredited public health agency. We empower Denver’s communities to live better, longer by providing people with opportunities that support their well-being and by improving services that enrich our community.

Website: https://www.denvergov.org/Government/Agencies-Departments-Offices/Agencies-Departments-Offices-Directory/Public-Health-EnvironmentCountries: United States Organization Type: Project Implementation or Direct Service Delivery

Desiree Acholla

Desiree Acholla has over fifteen years of social impact work, with more than 10 years in the international development sector. Global experiences in campaign advocacy, public health, financial inclusion, and education have granted her a nuanced perspective as a Social Impact Consultant. She has worked in education and development to reduce disparity in schooling access and learning outcomes in the Global South, specializing in public-private partnerships and education financing. Desiree also helps philanthropic foundations and public health organizations to center equity in grantmaking, partnership development, and addressing the social determinants of health. Currently, as Principal of her consulting firm, Inararibonye LLC, Desiree helps organizations develop a praxis of diversity, equity and inclusion, anti-racism, and/or decolonization that is relevant, reflective, and responsive to their focal areas and stakeholders. She is the founder of DecolonizeDevelopment.org, an online support resource for aid and humanitarian practitioners to think critically about the implications of decolonizing the sector. Desiree has a BA in Anthropology from the University of Montana and a Joint Master in Education Policies for Global Development from the University of Amsterdam, the University of Oslo, and the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She also holds certificates in Diversity and Inclusion from Cornell University and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Work from the University of South Florida, Muma College of Business.

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dacholla/Countries: Burundi, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Global, Rwanda Organization Type: Consultant/Training

Doug Vilsack

Doug currently serves as Assistant Director for Parks, Wildlife and Lands for Colorado Department of Natural Resources, assisting the Executive Director on wildlife, lands and recreation related issues and working with the Directors of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife and State Land Board to achieve their missions.

Prior to joining DNR, Doug was the founding Executive Director of the Posner Center for International Development. He also founded Elephant Energy, a social venture that distributed household solar products to over 100,000 people in Southern Africa and the Navajo Nation. Doug first traveled to Namibia to work for the World Wildlife Fund in 2005 and has returned on numerous occasions to continue his work with community-based conservation organizations.

Doug was a practicing natural resources attorney in Denver before his work at DNR and the Posner Center. He received his J.D. from University of Colorado Law School and his B.A. from Colorado College.

Countries: United States Organization Type: Individual

Dr. Ada Agada

Ada Agada is an academic working in the field of African philosophy and intercultural philosophy. He is currently with the Conversational School of Philosophy, Calabar, and the University of Johannesburg. Ada’s work revolves around articulating philosophical concepts that are grounded in African forms of thought while remaining, at the same time, universally applicable.

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ada-agada-73908142/Countries: Nigeria Organization Type: Academic Institution/Program

Edward Antonio

Edward Antonio is the Chief Diversity Officer and Professor of Humanities at Concordia College in Minnesota. He also consults on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Intercultural Engagement; Cultural Intelligence; Peace Building, and Conflict Resolution. Edward aims to bring intercultural understanding and cultural intelligence to the work of human connection.

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/edward-antonio-ph-d-6212ab10/Countries: Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland, United States, Zambia, Zimbabwe Organization Type: Academic Institution/Program

Elevation Community Land Trust

Elevation Community Land Trust partners with local communities to ensure families can access opportunity through permanently affordable homeownership. ECLT helps stabilize families through the use of the community land trust (CLT) model, a proven asset‐building tool for lower income communities and communities of color that are at risk of displacement.

Website: https://www.elevationclt.org/Countries: United States Organization Type: Project Implementation or Direct Service Delivery

Erin Fletcher

Erin Fletcher is a creative and innovative Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning (MERL) professional with a Ph.D. in Economics and more than fifteen years of experience designing and co-creating novel solutions to thorny development and data problems. She works with international and local NGOs and multilateral agencies to maximize impact in programming, analysis, and policy design for economic development, gender equality, female labor force participation, and reductions in poverty, discrimination, violence against children, and gender-based violence. She assists organizations in identifying key questions for research, consolidating existing knowledge, methodological innovation, and understanding programming impact. Erin’s specialties are formative research–including literature reviews and on-site fieldwork with strategic planning and custom survey design–cost-benefit analysis, and econometric analysis.

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/erin-fletcher-a129a6a/Countries: Global, Nigeria, Tanzania, Venezuela Organization Type: Individual