Our community is the heart of what we do. We are representative of the greater field of global development, including nonprofit organizations both large and small, private enterprises, university departments, consultants, service providers, and individuals engaged with global development issues. We number close to 200 and we are engaged in work in over 100 countries, encompassing all sectors and approaches to development work.

Our community is comprised of our Tenants and our Members. Learn more about how they engage with us and how you can get involved.

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Amanda Heter (Member)

Amanda Heter has spent her career working in the non-profit/international development sector. She works as Regional Project Director for an organization called Unbound, which is headquartered in Kansas City, Kansas, but works in 19 countries. She currently works remotely from Denver. She supports and oversees the operations in India, but has worked with their offices in Latin America and Africa as well.

Countries: United States Organization Type: Individual

Andrea Nelson Trice – Member

Andrea earned her doctorate in Higher and Adult Education from The University of Michigan and worked for several years as a faculty member at Purdue University. Over the past two decades she has gained experience as an internal and external evaluator, nonprofit board member, consultant, and author. Her consulting and evaluation work with nonprofits and social enterprises has included a variety of clients: Northwestern University, Hope International, Resource Global, Compassion International, National Academy of Sciences, and National Science Foundation.
Andrea enjoys helping organizations gather actionable data and wrestle with their implications, as well as the challenge of measuring such abstract outcomes as hope, dignity, and spiritual growth. Andrea’s forthcoming book, Harnessing Power, examines the human complexities of establishing social enterprises in emerging markets. It is scheduled for release in Winter 2021. She is a Senior Fellow with the Sagamore Institute and an Affiliate Faculty Member of Regis University.

Countries: United States Organization Type: Individual

Anisha Lamsal (Member)

Anisha Lamsal is passionate about non-profit/international development work that focuses on gender equality, education, and water, sanitation, and hygiene programs. She has worked with a non-profit in Nepal and Ethiopia to assess water, sanitation, and hygiene infrastructure at public schools in Kathmandu and Addis Ababa. She also used to be involved in Engineers Without Borders – Nepal at the University of Colorado Boulder where she designed and constructed water tap stands in Eastern Nepal. She is interested in opening a non-profit in rural Nepal that focuses on education/mentoring for secondary school girls.

Countries: United States Organization Type: Individual

Ben Malmborg-Wild (Member)

Ben Malmborg-Wild lives in Boulder, Colorado and is passionate about utilizing his analytical skills, non-profit experience, and ability to connect to help communities shape their own future. While many human rights and development issues are close to his heart, he is committed to bettering the lives of displaced peoples and building a more just and compassionate migration system.

Countries: United States Organization Type: Individual

Bjoern Freter (Member)

Björn Freter received his doctorate with his thesis “On Facticity and Existentiality” in 2014 from Free University, Berlin, Germany. He is now working as an Independent Scholar based in Knoxville, TN, USA. His main research fields include political philosophy, African philosophy, post-colonial philosophy, animal ethics, phenomenology of normativity, and literary studies. He is currently developing a project to desuperiorize the Western academic curricula of humanities.

Countries: United States Organization Type: Individual

Brett Wilhelm (Member)

Mr. Wilhelm is Director of Staffable Uganda, a recruiting and training company (a workforce accelerator), located in Kampala.  In addition to Staffable Uganda, Mr. Wilhelm is a member of the East African Social Impact Fund, LLC, which aims to create jobs and fair wages for local nationals by investing in high-growth companies. Focused primarily on Uganda and Rwanda, with offices in Kampala and Denver, the fund uses a triple bottom line approach of impact investing to drive social, environmental, and financial returns.

In addition, Mr. Wilhlem currently sits on the boards of REI Investments (Indianapolis), Republic Realty (Indianapolis), Villas at Cocoplum (Belize), Funzeleo (Denver and Tanzania), World Women’s Leadership Foundation (Denver), and Colorado Reading Partners (Denver).

Mr. Wilhelm holds a B.A. from the University of Colorado and an M.B.A. from the University of Denver.


Countries: United States Organization Type: Individual

Charles & Mary Metzger (Members)

Charles and Mary Metzger live in Denver, Colorado.  Both retired now, Mary was an attorney with Holland and Hart and Chuck was the head of the Department of Energy’s Western Region under President Carter. They are active supporters of cultural exchange, global engagement, political activism, and international studies. In addition to being members of the Posner Center, they are actively involved with several of its members, the University of Denver’s Korbel School of International Studies and World Denver.

Countries: United States Organization Type: Individual

Chris Allan (Member)

Chris Allan is a consultant on international environmental and development programming, and has a Masters Degree in Social Change and Development from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, DC, and a Bachelors Degree in Biology and African Studies from Wesleyan University in Connecticut.

He has thirty years experience in community development and environmental protection and has worked with the Environmental Health Fund as International Programs Advisor, Global Greengrants Fund as both Program Director and Development Director, Lutheran Refugee Services as Employment Administrator, Catholic Relief Services in Africa and the US, and the US Peace Corps in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Allan has designed development and environmental programs, managed budgets from $200,000 to $20 million, raised funds from governments, foundations, and major donors, designed, managed and led evaluations of programs, designed and led training and organizational development workshops, built and managed global networks, and traveled and worked extensively on every continent except Antarctica.

Countries: United States Organization Type: Individual

Claire Read

Dr. Claire Read is the founder and CEO of ProSocial Dynamics, LLC, a woman-owned small business providing consulting and coaching services in the areas of team systems, executive, and leader/leadership coaching. Claire works with the Prosocial Process for Team Self-Governance, a method for developing swift trust, psychological safety, and a deep commitment to the team’s shared purpose. Prosocial provides a framework for teams to self-charter and have agency over their own internal affairs.

Dr. Read’s mission is to create organizations and teams that foster a deeper human pattern of consciousness, developing a deep understanding that we live in a much wider ecological system than just ourselves, for which we bear responsibility. As a proponent of the Prosocial ARC (Awareness, Relationship, Culture) Path, she is committed to introducing Prosocial principles, a set of social principles that tend to decrease self-interested behavior and foster flexible behaviors. These behaviors enhance the good of the group and the system as a whole to serve as a vehicle for embracing human and planetary needs as our global organizing principles. The Prosocial Path is evolutionary in that it develops swift change in the way teams and groups relate to their environments and to the larger systems, moving from “what is good for me” to “what is good for the group as a whole,” a useful concept for the survival of the planet.

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/clairereadphd/Countries: United States Organization Type: Consultant/Training

Colin Jackson (Member)

Colin Jackson is retired from a career in broadcasting and the performing arts. Jackson’s wife, Arlene Strom  will be retiring from her role as a senior executive and general council in a major energy corporation. Both Jackson and Strom share a deep desire to assist in seeking global economic justice. The complexity of current global challenges and opportunities calls for solutions, some of which will be based on micro systems, and they both wish to help with researching, testing and disseminating the adaptation and application of the tools of business to aid in the global poor achieving economic independence.

Countries: United States Organization Type: Individual

Constance McGraw (Member)

A research-driven and seasoned epidemiologist with a demonstrated history of research in hospital health care and public health sectors, Constance McGraw has a stellar record of sourcing and developing solutions and establishing best practices for evidence-based health and medicine. In addition, McGraw has demonstrated excellence in utilizing statistical and database tools to gather and analyze healthcare data and provide analytics and data management support to key clients. A true renaissance woman who strives to learn new skills in human behavior and utilize her extensive background in economics and public health to determine effects on health and economy, McGraw has a broad knowledge and success in health promotion, education, and evaluation. McGraw is eager to learn new data analysis skills in the data science industry that provide learning and growth potential.

Countries: United States Organization Type: Individual

Deena Duwaik (Member)

Deena Duwaik is currently pursuing her MPA with hopes of becoming a private sector executive. She identifies as a Middle Eastern woman and has lived/ worked in countries around the world. She has a passion for women and refugees, in particular the policies that directly impact them, and currently works at an anti-hunger nonprofit which works to identify and resolve the root causes of food insecurity.

Countries: United States Organization Type: Individual

Doug Vilsack (Member)

Doug currently serves as Assistant Director for Parks, Wildlife and Lands for Colorado Department of Natural Resources, assisting the Executive Director on wildlife, lands and recreation related issues and working with the Directors of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife and State Land Board to achieve their missions.

Prior to joining DNR, Doug was the founding Executive Director of the Posner Center for International Development. He also founded Elephant Energy, a social venture that distributed household solar products to over 100,000 people in Southern Africa and the Navajo Nation. Doug first traveled to Namibia to work for the World Wildlife Fund in 2005 and has returned on numerous occasions to continue his work with community-based conservation organizations.

Doug was a practicing natural resources attorney in Denver before his work at DNR and the Posner Center. He received his J.D. from University of Colorado Law School and his B.A. from Colorado College.

Countries: United States Organization Type: Individual

Emily Haddaway (Member)

Emily Haddaway works for the Colorado Tourism Office. Their mission is to drive traveler spending through promotion and development of compelling, sustainable travel experiences throughout Colorado. 

Countries: United States Organization Type: Tourism

Eric Hansen (Member)

Eric Hansen, a consultant and Senior Advisor at the Global Entrepreneurship Network, is passionate about launching and growing ambitious international entrepreneurship initiatives, and developing great educational programming to help entrepreneurs scale their businesses. Eric co-founded the Center for Entrepreneurship Inc., a U.S. not-for-profit, and developed the Center’s entrepreneurship programming, and organized innovative best practice peer-to-peer learning programs across 18 cities in Russia. Eric co-founded the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance (G20 YEA) that brings together leading entrepreneurship development organizations from G20 countries with a mission to champion the importance of young entrepreneurs to the G20 member nations. He also co-founded and served on the Board of the Russian Association of Entrepreneurship Education, a membership organization for university faculty to network and collaborate on developing entrepreneurship education and research in Russia. Fluent in Russian, Eric earned his MBA in International Management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, and his BA in Central and Eastern European Studies from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Countries: United States Organization Type: Individual

Erica Favreti (Member)

Countries: United States Organization Type: Individual

Farah Mahesri (Member)

Farah Mahesri is passionately curious about how we can best create sustainable, transformative impact around the world and create the world we want to live in. This has led Mahesri towards testing new approaches, diving deeply into technology, leading efforts to increase inclusion, and working across sectors to find innovative solutions. Using an impact-focused, systemic approach, she works to balance team interests, business needs and organizational missions. Mahesri has helped nearly a dozen small, medium and large non-profit and social enterprises write and implement strategic and growth plans, and she has worked in over nearly two dozen countries – particularly in South Asia and the Middle East – and across the United States. Mahesri also co-leads the Bay Area International Development Group.

Website: https://www.fnmadvising.com/Countries: United States Organization Type: Consultant/Training

Gretchen King (Member)

Gretchen King has over ten years of experience in international development policy, advocacy, communications and research with specializations in local ownership, systems thinking, community engagement and social accountability. King was a member of the Save the Children/Oxfam America/Overseas Development Institute team that developed the Local Engagement Assessment Framework (LEAF) to determine the level of ownership in a project or strategy, and also has experience working as the campaign director for the Lutheran Malaria Initiative, which worked through local systems in East and West Africa to create behavior change and provide access to malaria treatment in rural communities.

Countries: United States Organization Type: Individual

Harvey Family Foundation (Member)

The Harvey Family Foundation is grounded in the philosophy that all gifts are an opportunity to “pay it forward,” meaning that a grant not only benefits its recipient but also has the potential to be an investment that will yield benefits far into the future. The Harvey Family Foundation hopes that their beneficiaries will someday give to others in need, paying it forward in future investments for many generations to come. For the Harvey Family Foundation, high-quality philanthropy includes personal family involvement, grant making focus, and entrepreneurship and innovation.

Website: http://www.harveyfamilyfoundation.org/Countries: United States Organization Type: Philanthropy or Funding

Jamie Hansen (Member)

Jamie is the former Community Concierge for the Posner Center, and continues to volunteer his time in a supporting role for Communications and Development. He travels often as a musician, student of the world, and all around history dork. 

Countries: United States Organization Type: Individual

Jay Benson (Member)

Jay Benson is a research manager with subject matter expertise in maritime security, intrastate conflict, terrorism, and peace operations with a particular focus on Sub Saharan Africa and the Indo-Pacific. Benson has worked across public, nongovernmental, and academic settings developing research campaigns, leading the execution of research plans using a variety of methodologies, conducting targeted outreach to high level policy audiences, and guiding organizational strategic planning.

Countries: United States Organization Type: Individual

Julie Mandolini-Trummel – Member

Countries: United States Organization Type: Individual

Juliette Jack Banerjee (Member)

Countries: United States Organization Type: Individual

Karen Yuan (Member)

Karen Yuan is a member of Beyond Our Borders, a special interest granting group affiliated with the Women’s Foundation of Colorado. We fund international organizations empowering international women & girls who face significant challenges to human rights, such as poverty, education, security etc. Additionally, through Adopt-A-Village International, Yuan oversees funding of clean water, education & economic development programs in the Peruvian Amazon.

Countries: United States Organization Type: Individual

Kate Lapides-Black (Member)

Kate Lapides-Black is a longtime professional visual journalist and photography educator with a focus on humanitarian issues with twenty years of contract work for numerous non-governmental organizations, including Save the Children, the International Rescue Committee and ReSurge International in Africa, Central and South America, and rural and indigenous communities in the U.S.

For the past ten years, Lapides-Black has deepened work in marketing and communications courtesy of staff positions with several Colorado-based non-profits. Specialties include content development and strategy, photography, graphic and web design, video editing and production, and editorial work. Kate is currently engaged in all these creative hats as the director of communications and development for ‘For the Good’, a non-profit partnering with remote Maasai communities in Kenya to address barriers to girls’ education.

Countries: United States Organization Type: Individual

Katherine Labombarde (Member)

Katherine Labombarde is currently pursuing her MA in International Development with a certificate in Global Environmental Change and Adaptation from the Korbel School. She has five years of experience working in monitoring, evaluation, and learning across several sectors (agriculture and food security, health, WASH, environment, education). Labombarde is interested in programmatic research, policy, and global governance for sustainable development and climate justice.

Countries: United States Organization Type: Individual

Lydia Vanderburg (Member)

A seasoned accountant and trainer, Lydia Vanderburg is a QuickBooks Pro Advisor with over 18 years of experience helping small business leaders. She enjoys using her human relations skills to break down the technical aspects of accounting to create a common understanding with clients who appreciate the importance of accounting but feel foreign to the topic. Provides outsourced accounting to entities in need of a complete set of personalized accounting services. Services include consulting, training and implementing new or revised accounting systems, preparing and using budgets, processing payroll, sales and business tax returns, as well as, performing all aspects of bookkeeping (accounts receivable/payable, payroll, inventory tracking, and account reconciliations).

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lydia-vanderburg-1282249Countries: United States Organization Type: Business Services

Maeva Ekoua (Member)

Bilingual and highly accountable professional with six years of professional experience in effectively providing administrative and operational support to humanitarian programs in Africa (most recently in Nigeria) remotely and in country. Strong command of financial management, human resources, and administrative supervision, as well as programmatic implementation and security management. Collaborative leader with proven ability to successfully support programs in fast-paced environments with minimum supervision.

Countries: United States Organization Type: Individual