Transforming global development for greater impact

The Posner Center for International Development has transformed Colorado’s global development community through a model of intentional collaboration.

We bring together organizations, building an engaged, thriving community – a community where people meet and learn about one another, exchange ideas, access shared resources and support, and ultimately combine their expertise to generate more lasting solutions to global poverty. Today, the Posner Center community is home to close to 200 organizations working in over 100 countries around the world.

We lead high-quality programs that strengthen our community to amplify its impact around the globe. Programming and grant-making emphasize the creation of community, strategic connections, learning and sharing across the community, and the adoption of evidence-based best practices.

We give our community new ways to engage with one another and international development organizations worldwide, and support their efforts to communicate, advocate, and promote their work, and stand shoulder to shoulder in a never-ending demand to do global development better.

Our Vision is a more equitable and prosperous world.

Our Mission is to catalyze the global development community, at home and abroad, to collaborate for greater impact.

Our Core Strategies to advance our vision and mission over the next five years:

  • Convene: We convene the global development community, working at home and abroad, creating a collaborative culture that is inclusive, diverse, and innovative.
  • Connect: We connect our community to share expertise and knowledge, increase our organizational capacity, and promote our efforts and successes.
  • Catalyze: We catalyze the community through our thought leadership, programming, and advancing best practices in collaboration.