The International Collaboration Fund (ICF) is a grant program that is transforming how global development work is done. We fund innovative and equitable partnerships, leveraging the power of collaboration for the greatest impact.

Our Impact

  • 34 projects
  • $365,000 granted
  • 69 Tenant, Member and partner organizations participated
  • 19 countries

Read about our current and past ICF projects and their impact here.

Program Priorities

The Posner Center seeks ideas with the greatest potential to:

  • Support leaders to have an impact in their own communities
  • Contribute to evidence-based and equitable best practices in global development
  • Deepen our understanding of collaborative processes and partnerships
  • Strengthen the development practice of the Posner Center Community and social impact sectors
  • Create valuable organizational and/or programmatic learning
  • Make measurable and lasting changes in the communities in which the work is conducted
  • Implement more just approaches for global impact

Changes to Prioritize Justice, Equity, and Inclusion

In order to make our grant program more equitable, accessible, and focused on justice within the global development and social impact sectors, we have made several changes to the program, including:

  • Shifting from a formal Letter of Interest application to a less formal idea submission
  • Accepting multiple submission formats
  • Simplifying and reducing the number of questions we ask, including removing the request for line-by-line budget and 990 attachments
  • Creating a submission scoring rubric to make our process transparent
  • Expanding our review committee to include past ICF participants
  • Inviting fewer applicants to move on to the proposal stage
  • Requiring leadership from the communities where the work is taking place


Ideas are requested for collaborative partnerships between at least one Posner Center Tenant or Member and at least one other organization. Project leads should be from the community where the work is taking place.

One applicant must be a 501(c)(3) organization and a current Tenant or Member of the Posner Center. Additional collaborators do not have to be Posner Center Tenants or Members or 501(c)(3) organizations. Project work can take place anywhere around the world.

If you need help finding a partner or have questions about eligibility, contact our Program Director, .

2022 Grant Cycle


Information Sessions: January 12 and January 13, 2022 (Click here to view the recording)
Ideas Due: February 8, 2022
Invitation for Full Proposals: February 18, 2022
Full Proposals Due: March 15, 2022
Notification of Awards: March 22, 2022
Power and Historical Analysis: April 2022

Award Types and Size

The ICF has a total of $61,000 to award to 1-4 projects in 2022. At least $18,000 is restricted under our PB and K Family Foundation Annual Environmental Grant to projects that include or address environmental impacts, climate change, or sustainability. This requirement is fairly broad, so feel free to contact Program Director, while brainstorming your idea.  Applicants can request anywhere from $5,000 – $61,000.

Idea Submission, Review, and Notification

See the 2022 ICF grant cycle page for information on how to submit your ideas, the review process, and where you can get your questions answered.

Our Champions

Our grant-making has been made possible by generous champions, including Arrow Electronics, Beyond Our Borders, CoBank, Green Fund, Harvey Family Foundation, JHJ Posner Family Fund, and PB and K Family Foundation.

Want to Support Collaboration for Impact?

The Posner Center is working to radically grow the International Collaboration Fund for increased impact around the globe. We’re looking for new individual, foundation, and corporate partners to join us in our work to create measurable impact.

Go here to learn more about how you can effect change.