The International Collaboration Fund (ICF) is a grant program that is transforming how global development work is done. We fund innovative partnerships within our community, leveraging the power of collaboration for greatest impact.


The program funds collaborations of two or more organizations from our community. Funded projects strengthen evidence-based best practice in global development, deepen our understanding of collaboration, strengthen programs and organizations, and create change in communities worldwide. The learning and value from projects can be applied by other organizations in our community or across our sector.

Our Impact

  • 32 projects
  • $325,000 granted
  • 61 Tenant, Member and partner organizations participated
  • 18 countries

Read about our current and past ICF projects and their impact here.

Eligibility Guidelines and How to Apply for a Grant

To be eligible for the ICF, organizations must be a current Tenant or Member of the Posner Center and have developed a partnership with at least one other Tenant or Member organization. The lead organization must be a 501(c)(3) organization.

The request for letters of interest is sent out to all Tenants and Members annually in September. Select partnerships are then invited to send a full proposal for consideration.

Our Champions

Our grantmaking is made possible by our generous champions. 2018 supporters include Beyond Our Borders, CoBank, Green Fund, Harvey Family Foundation and JHJ Posner Family Fund.

Want to Support Collaboration for Impact?

The Posner Center is working to radically grow the International Collaboration Fund for increased impact around the globe. We’re looking for new individual, foundation, and corporate partners to join us in our work to create measurable impact.

Go here to learn more about how you can effect change.