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International Collaboration Fund


The Posner Center for International Development’s International Collaboration Fund (ICF) supports innovative projects that foster partnerships between Colorado-based international development organizations working to combat global poverty.  These grants support partners to build capacity, explore new directions, fuel action, and improve the knowledge base and impact of the Posner Center network.

The Posner Center is pleased to announce the winning projects for the 2017 round of ICF projects. Read the press release.

Categories for Funding

The ICF provides funding in three distinct streams:

Scoping Grant

Funds initial collaborative steps, including support for strategy development, team-building, training, travel, staff time or additional resources. Successful scoping grants will thoroughly examine a potential effort and lay the groundwork for impactful future collaboration.

Project Grant

Provides resources for established partnerships with a particular emphasis on projects in the field. Preference is given to organizations who have already completed a successful Scoping Grant or can show evidence of a similar level of planning and project development.

Capacity-Building Grant

Supports opportunities for training, consulting and/or facilitation that benefits a large number of Posner Center Tenants/Members.

History and Projects Funded

The ICF was launched in late 2014 as an active effort to work towards the Posner Center’s vison to be the leader of collaborative international development. Networking, resource-sharing and partnerships do form naturally within the center. However, Posner wanted to further test our own raison d’être and intentionally support collaboration to determine if organizations who collaborate are ultimately more successful at creating lasting solutions to combat global poverty.

The ICF was launched late in 2014, funding a total of 8 unique projects during 2015. Projects funded have ranged from a grant of $5,000 to explore program alignment between two educational organizations in East Africa to a $20,000 grant between three organizations to evaluate the potential for an income-generating food security program at a program site in Cambodia.

In 2016, Posner again awarded a total of 8 grants, totaling just under $80,000.

To see the full list of projects funded, click here:

2015 Press Release
2016 Press Release

Want to support innovative collaborations?

The Posner Center is seeking additional individual, foundation, and corporate partners to support collaboration. ICF Funders may give generally to the fund, or they may identify a key development sector as an area for investment. Areas for investment include: Agriculture, Water and Sanitation, Education, Health, Infrastructure, and Technology.

To explore further opportunities for engaging with the ICF as a donor, please email .

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