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  • Collaborative global solutions.

    Our Tenants and Members consist of non-profits, social enterprises, businesses, and a wide array of organizational types. But one thing we share in common is an expertise and focus around international development. From agriculture and food security, to education and schools, to any one of our other 18 “entry points,” we cover a wide range of issues within international development work. Find out more about our community and the expert-level knowledge we bring.

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  • A new way forward.

    We develop collaborative global solutions. By leveraging the combined power of our Tenants, Members and additional actors—calling upon their unique expertise and pioneering spirits—Posner fosters a new type of collaborative network that strives to create something greater than the sum of our individual parts. In short, together we are better.

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  • Not just shared space.

    Our Tenants have a shared goal for Posner. Our building is beautiful, yes. But we’re not just here to co-locate. We are creating a community that’s intentional, collaborative, and hyper-focused on measurable outcomes that support our mission to build a community of innovators who grow lasting solutions to global poverty. Join us to get involved.

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  • Your official connector.

    Posner connects the dots. We know our Tenants, Members and partners well, and help to drive connections that create increased benefits for those willing to collaborate. Curious about how to transport your products across international borders? Interested to know who else might have contacts in Nepal? Aching to learn more about how other Development Directors do their work? Let us help you find out where you connect.

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  • Programs with purpose.

    From professional development around your areas of interest, to education workshops, to community events, to additional ways to learn about those in our network, our programming is meant to build skills and relationships that serve as valuable resources to you and your own work. Check out what we’re up to.

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Get Involved

Find out where you connect.

Interested in becoming a Tenant, Member, or learning about ways to intern or volunteer for Posner Center or any of our Tenants? Check out our site for more information on all the ways you can engage.

Space Rental

Host your next big thing.

Fifty percent of our 25,000 square foot building is shared space, available for rent by Tenants, Members and external groups for meetings or events. Check out how you can book space for yourself or your group now.


Discover key resources.

We’re forging a new path in international development that looks to create collaborative global solutions, rather than working in silo. Read some of our latest case studies, watch recent videos, and uncover ideas and best practices.

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