ICF Update

Mwanaisha Said Salim Selected as Community Health Educator

Mwanaisha Said Salim (center, in yellow shirt) with Kupanda students, Kupanda Matron and School Headmistress.

Africa School Assistance Project (ASAP) and Maji Safi Group (MSG) were awarded a 2018 International Collaboration Fund grant from the Posner Center to incorporate MSG’s WASH curriculum into ASAP’s Kupanda Project leadership program with girls.

Both organizations have been working together in the US and in Tanzania over the last month in order to identify, interview and select a Community Health Educator to lead the Kupanda Girls Junior Community Health Education Program. They are pleased to announce Mwanaisha Said Salim as their new Community Health Educator. She is a respected member of the community and has considerable public health and WASH experience. MSG and ASAP are both excited about the skills and experience she will bring to their collaboration.

Mwanaisha Said Salim is from Bukumbi Village (Idetemya Ward, Misungwi District, Mwanza Region, Tanzania). She is a mother of five and grandmother of three. Mwanaisha has been working in the health services field, particularly water and sanitation, for nearly 12 years. She has worked with organizations such as Plan International,  Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) and Expanded Programmers on Immunization (EPI). She holds a certificate and diploma of environmental health sciences.

In early June she will be traveling to Shirati, Tanzania to begin a month-long training conducted by Maji Safi Group. After completing her training, Mwanaisha will return to Mwanza along with several of Maji Safi Group’s Community Health Educators to facilitate additional training of  Kupanda students and to begin school-wide training and club development.