2018-2019 Mentoring Program

Introducing the matched mentors and mentees

The Posner Center has launched a new Mentoring Program an annual program—which we intend to significantly scale and expand in the coming years — that will create dialogue and exchange of ideas, and provide new opportunities for learning and engagement in our community.

The Posner Center Mentoring Program cultivates the professional development of the Posner Center Community by facilitating a mentoring process among global development professionals as well as those working in related sectors. It matched new or less experienced global development professionals who want to be guided in their careers and/or in a particular technical area by an experienced professional, as well as a cooperative opportunity for the Mentor to learn from the Mentee.

Here are the matched Mentors & Mentees in the 2019 cohort:

Chris Bleers (EWB-USA)
Chris Nicoletti (iDE)
Kate Verlaan (ForImpact)
Burke Fishburn (Posner Center)
Yi Wei (iDE)
Christyna Dosumu (Educate!)
Sam Moody (ASAP)
Julia Gatten (AfricAid)
Rachael Miller (Educate!)
Hannah Bick (Starfish)