2022 ICF Grant Cycle

Award Types and Size

The ICF has a total of $61,000 to award to 1-4 projects in 2022. At least $18,000 is restricted under our PB and K Family Foundation Annual Environmental Grant to projects that include or address environmental impacts, climate change, or sustainability. This requirement is fairly broad, so feel free to contact Program Director, , while brainstorming your idea. Applicants can request any amount from $5,000-$61,000.

Submission Format

You can select one of the below ways to submit your idea, which should include responses to the below questions. The writing quality, professionalism, or submission type of the application will not impact ICF granting decisions.

Questions to Address

Responses to these items will be scored using this scoring rubric.

  • Summary Statement: Indicate the partners involved in the project and the purpose for which funding is being sought. Please include whether the lead for each partner is from the community where the work will take place, or from another community.
  • Problem Statement: What challenge(s) does your work seek to address? How do you know this is a problem for those most impacted? What strategy are you proposing to address the challenge(s)?
  • Project Activity: What are the project activities? What informs this approach?
  • Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (JEDI): How does this project incorporate and advance JEDI goals or practices?
  • Outcomes & Impact: State your overall goals and specific objectives. How will you know if you’ve met your objectives? How will you share any data collected with participants?
  • How much money are you requesting?
  • If Applying to the Sustainability Grant: How does your project address environmental issues?

Power and Historical Analysis

Organizations receiving ICF grants will be required to conduct a power and historical analysis of the project facilitated and supported by the Posner Center. While you are not required to respond to these questions in the application process, please review and consider as you are thinking about the idea you will submit:

Historical Analysis:
    • Acknowledge: What is the history of colonialism, race, inequity, etc. in the country where the work will take place and the countries team members are from? In your area of work (education, land or water management, healthcare, nutrition, etc.)? How am I part of this?
    • Accept: How is this still happening today through policies and practices? How am I part of this?
    • Actively Listen: What are frontline groups/movements saying and doing? What support are they asking for?
    • Act: What can I do to make amends and reparations? How can I help to repay this debt?
Power Analysis:

Within this project:

    • Who has relatively more or less power?
    • What does power look like?
    • Why does the power imbalance exist the way that it does?
    • When did this power imbalance start, or what is the history of the power imbalance?
    • Where does this power imbalance manifest?
    • How does this power imbalance manifest?

Review and Notification

The ICF Review Committee, which includes Posner Center staff, past ICF participants, and Posner Center Board members, will review ideas based on this scoring rubric and notify the top 5 applicants selected to submit a full proposal. Applications with a check in the “disqualified” column in any category will be disqualified.

Those invited to submit a full proposal will receive instructions on how to apply with full proposals. Click here to find more details on the Request for Proposal process. Proposals will be reviewed by the ICF Review Committee, and grantees will be notified in March 2022.


Information Sessions: January 12 and January 13, 2022 (Click here to view the recording)
Ideas Due: February 8, 2022
Invitation for Full Proposals: February 18, 2022
Full Proposals Due: March 15, 2022
Notification of Awards: March 22, 2022
Power and Historical Analysis: April 2022

Contact Information:

Phone/text: +1-720-515-9071
WhatsApp: +1-608-219-3566