Bridges to Prosperity Finds a New Home

In Rwanda, students use a recently completed B2P footbridge.

Posner Center founding Tenant, Bridges to Prosperity, is ready for their next move. The organization announced that they’ll be moving just down the road, to the new Industry location. The continued growth of the Denver-based team and their plans to scale in new ways drive the move to a new location, which is planned for the end of April.

Bridges to Prosperity (B2P) ‘envisions a world where poverty caused by rural isolation no longer exists.’ By partnering with local governments to connect the rural last mile, they increase access to education, healthcare, and employment opportunities, all of which contribute to increased economic growth. For the last ten years, they’ve consistently had 20% or more annual revenue growth, enabling them to connect nearly 1 million people to date. While their scale is impressive, they recognize the need to shift how they do their work to create global change in poverty caused by rural isolation. So, B2P is launching a revised strategic plan that positions them to scale rapidly in the coming years.

Bridges to Prosperity was one of the first organizations at the center of conceptualizing, planning, and raising funds to create the Posner Center. A champion for this concept from the beginning, Avery Bang, B2P President and CEO, was a part of the initial committee identifying possible spaces for this concept, then named ‘The Greenhouse Project.’ She reflected on her first visit to the Horse Barn (now home of the Posner Center), recalling how filthy and in disrepair the place was. B2P, like our other Tenants, has seen the tremendous change and growth in this community in just a few short years. Bang shared that the Posner Center has been a “really great home, one that’s allowed us to grow a lot. We learned by being in community, and it’s helped us think about how we could grow in a more sustainable fashion, and not always reinvent the wheel.”  She cited B2P’s participation in a Posner Center International Collaboration Fund Grant, a shared capacity-building grant for using Salesforce, as a major driver of their revised strategy to be a data-driven organization.

B2P’s departure as a Tenant is a big shift for the Posner Center, but a necessary reality at times when organizations scale their work and thus their teams. B2P will stay connected as a Posner Center Member, and we look forward to continuing to share their successes with Colorado’s international development community. To learn more about Bridges to Prosperity, check out their website.

Stay tuned for Avery Bang’s TED Talk, which details their new strategic approach and efforts to scale, slated to be released at on May 7th!