The Posner Center is proud to be partnering with International Coach Federation – Colorado Chapter to present our third annual coaching program.

What is Coaching?

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

Coaching is a process and partnership that allows you to accelerate forward, especially when you’ve been stuck. By realigning your momentum, your life becomes easier, more peaceful and more fulfilling. A coach is objective, non-judgmental, an excellent listener, and helps you uncover the strategies and steps forward that will work best for you. A coach won’t tell you what to do or give you all the answers. As a client, you are responsible for the commitment to achieve the agreed upon action steps and for your own success.


Working with a coach allows you to:

  • Gain new insights and expand possibilities
  • Become more balanced in your life
  • Become focused on what’s most important to you and what fulfills you
  • Achieve goals you’ve never thought possible, personally and professionally
  • Optimize your inner trust, intuition and self-worth
  • Achieve more with an accountability partner

Intended Participants

Ideal program participants are individuals who want more for themselves personally and professionally; are willing to stretch and work for what they want; and would like a partner who can provide tools and support to help them achieve their goals.

This program is open to all Members & Tenants of the Posner Center Community. Not based in Denver? No problem! Coaching sessions can be done via Zoom or over the phone.

Dates & Times

Each participant will receive 10 coaching sessions over the course of 6 months. You will schedule these with your coach directly to fit your schedule.

We will have a coaching kick-off meeting to give you a chance to meet the other coachees & coaches and to set your coaching goals on December 16th at 8:30am MST.

What Past Participants Said

I am an all-around better version of myself, which impacts me, the people I work with, and my organization. – 2020 Coaching Program Participant
[My coach] was so incredible – she helped me realize what the most important things are to me during a pretty rough time – she helped me improve my work product, time management, also more focused time with my family, and being able to speak up for myself when I’m feeling burned out and can’t accomplish anything…I don’t know how I could have gotten through the past few months without her support and guidance. I have a long way to go, and I think once I’m in a better place I’ll be able to think more clearly about what I want in life, and where I want to go – but for now, I’m feeling incredibly grateful to be alive and functioning thanks to the helpful coaching.

The coaching program gave me the opportunity to confront the insecurities that were holding me back at work. We covered a wide range of topics and personal stories, and having a dedicated time to work through situations at work made my communication style at work much more positive.

A major way that coaching has impacted me is that I have a better work life balance. That is, I have come to recognize that being a working mother is not a zero sum outcome. I do not have to choose between being a mother and being a professional – I can hold both. Prior to coaching, I viewed parenting and working as a teeter totter – giving one more weight the other and always struggling to hold the two in balance. Through coaching I gave up that imagery and feeling of never being able to balance for long. I’ve moved towards holding both working and parenting within myself and now see that I can excel in both at the same time.


Complete this application by Thursday, December 3rd by 12:00pm (noon) MST. Applicants will be notified whether or not they have been accepted and be matched with their coaches by December 11th.

Program Cost

We will be using a sliding scale for the coaching program to honor the value participants receive from coaching while maintaining accessibility to the Posner Center Community. You will be able to determine the amount you are able to pay in the application. The full value of the program is approximately $1500-$2000. It has been offered for free in the past, but we are using a sliding scale to offer compensation to the coaches at a rate that is affordable to participants. Your organization may be willing to cover the cost. Let us know if you need help showing the value to your organization.

Please pay your program fee here by typing “Coaching” in the Program field and the amount you wish to pay.



Contact Lauren Andraski, Program Director, at or 720-515-9071.