Africa has the world’s youngest and fastest-growing population. By 2035, the continent is poised to contribute more people to the global workforce each year than the rest of the world combined. At Educate!, we’re obsessed with impact. We leverage iterative learning to build highly scalable youth employment solutions aimed at unlocking the potential of the world’s youngest continent. Educate! prepares youth in Africa to learn, earn, and thrive in today’s economy by:

1) Introducing an employment-focused school subject into secondary, and 

2) Delivering livelihood bootcamps for out-of-school youth, with a focus on marginalized rural girls and young women.

Our work has been validated by several independent evaluations, which found positive outcomes on income, employment, gender equity, family planning and sexual and reproductive health, educational attainment, and climate change resilience. Along the way, Educate! has become the largest youth employment and skills provider in East Africa.