Leah Fenimore

Leah earned her bachelor’s degree in Biology from Colorado State University. She focused her early career in cause areas within the international development sector in Tanzania ranging from leading a wildlife conservation fieldwork team focused on elephant protection, teaching hard sciences (biology and physics), and wildlife conservation education in primary and secondary schools, designing community development projects, and finally, raising funds and awareness to provide clean water to rural areas. Leah’s work in Tanzania culminated in an independent effort to co-found Pure Water Joy (PWJ), a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) working towards providing clean water to villages in need.  PWJ has since become a locally led social enterprise focused on alleviating poverty in Mbeya, Tanzania. Once Leah was certain that her Tanzanian partner and the local community could continue operations on their own, she shifted her role from organizational leader to philanthropic support and mentorship.

Leah has decided to return to her scientific roots and is preparing to apply to a masters in Genetic Counseling. She is looking forward to contributing to the science community, serving patients and the greater global health community of clinicians, and continuing to develop her interests in international philanthropy.