Organization Type: Individual

Richard Chama

A skilled medical student who is also a vocal proponent of mental health and sustainable development, Richard Chama is a peer educator and volunteer who is eager to assist the community in addressing important issues related to health and education. He is also a podcast host for Men with Pure Intentions.

Lauren Gutierrez

Lauren Gutierrez is a queer, Xicanx abolitionist social worker with a bachelor of science in psychology and is a future graduate of a master’s in social work degree at MSU Denver. Lauren has expertise in creating and supporting non-police public health and safety systems with a background in case management, direct care, training and development,… Read more »

Marisa Kellogg

Marisa is a trilingual International Development Professional specializing in youth and women’s empowerment. She received her MS in Global Studies and International Relations from Northeastern University, and BA in International Affairs from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She is the President of PridePads Africa, an international nonprofit that focuses on menstrual health and hygiene,… Read more »

Audrey Odogu

Akpevweoghene Audrey Odogu has over 10 years of working as a social development professional and with non-profits across Nigeria and Africa. Her work in the social development sector focuses on education, volunteer management, youth unemployment (TIVET) skilling and reskilling for employment, grantmaking, managing and building non-profit capacity.

Pious Musonda

Pious Musonda is a fifth year medical student at the Copperbelt University in Zambia. He is passionate about AntiMicrobial Resistance (AMR) and is currently enrolled in a program run by Student’s against Superbugs training young students from around africa to be AMR Ambassador. He is also passionate about public speaking and has served in the… Read more »

Anne Zeifman

Anne Zeifman is a seasoned veterinarian from New York, who is in the process of shifting her career focus from small animal practice to the advancement of the One Health integrated approach to global healthcare. She has a deep fund of medical knowledge and experience, excellent verbal and written communication skills, and is bilingual. She… Read more »

Todd Sanford

Todd Sanford is a climate scientist with experience in academic, Federal, non-profit, and private sectors. Sanford is currently involved with an ocean conservation non-profit that is seeking to connect ocean conservation and research with sustainable development outcomes, and also has extensive experience in ecological restoration and how that impacts local communities. Sanford’s work also involves… Read more »

Angela Varnum

Angela Varnum is a large animal veterinarian, a licensed teacher, and develops programs in animal health and welfare for nonprofits, in higher education, and with diverse audiences. Varnum holds advanced degrees in global health and international development, is competent in the Spanish language, and has a specific interest in animal welfare. Varnum enjoys helping children… Read more »

Casey Thomas

Casey is a strategic leader with over a decade of experience driving change within nonprofits and youth-serving programming. Casey is committed to continual improvement, organizational learning, and sustainable change management. She is an innovative and creative problem-solver, consistently pushing for evolution within organizations to overcome challenges and increase efficiency, effectiveness, and impact.

Leah Fenimore

Leah earned her bachelor’s degree in Biology from Colorado State University. She focused her early career in cause areas within the international development sector in Tanzania ranging from leading a wildlife conservation fieldwork team focused on elephant protection, teaching hard sciences (biology and physics), and wildlife conservation education in primary and secondary schools, designing community… Read more »

Pushpa Iyer

Dr. Pushpa Iyer (she/her/hers) is an activist, scholar, and practitioner in conflict resolution, diversity, equity, and inclusion. She is currently an associate professor at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS) in Monterey, California. She is passionate about social justice, which she understands as navigating and managing social change through creative approaches.

Kenneth Mibut Dam

In northern Ghana, 8 out of 10 children under 5 years old are anemic. This has a dire consequence on their physical and psychological health, as well as their learning abilities. As a physician working in a government hospital in the northern part of Ghana,  Kenneth Mibut Dam has seen many such cases. From these… Read more »


B L A C X E R A (black-era) is a community and collegiate organization that is dedicated to the experiences and existences of Blacx (Black, Afro-Latinx, African, Caribbean, and Mixed) people who share African & Indigenous Ancestry. B L A C X E R A seeks to provide a place, a space, and a… Read more »