Organization Type: Individual

Matthew Bravo

As an international development practitioner, Matthew Bravo has worked extensively in rural community development in Africa and South America. By building reciprocal partnerships with NGOs, universities, government agencies, and community leaders, he has engaged in numerous community initiatives focusing on women’s empowerment, sustainable farming, HIV/AIDS prevention, social entrepreneurship, and social movements. Currently, Bravo is approaching… Read more »

Gretchen King

Gretchen King has 12 years of experience in international development policy, communications, and research with specializations in locally-led development, and democracy and governance. She also has experience in political economy, systems thinking and community engagement approaches. Ms. King has conducted evaluations/assessments of international non-governmental organization (INGO) programming as it relates to policy influencing with host… Read more »

Jeff DePree

Village X​ ​partners​ directly​ with villages in rural ​Africa and​ ​funds​ ​small-scale, high-impact development projects​ ​chosen, partially​ ​financed, and implemented by ​the villages​ themselves​. Donors enjoy a rich philanthropic experience, including live multimedia project updates, and impact analyses, showing how their money makes a difference.