Organization Type: Project Implementation or Direct Service Delivery

Empowerment International

Empowerment International, (EI) a Colorado registered nonprofit 501(c)3, has been working in Nicaragua since 2004.  EI offers community-based holistic educational programs to children and families in two extremely impoverished communities in Nicaragua. Most of the families live on less than $2/day and most adult members of the community have an average of a third-grade education… Read more »

DaVita Bridge of Life

The mission of Bridge of Life is to strengthen healthcare globally through sustainable programs that prevent and treat chronic disease.

Counterpart International

For over 50 years, Counterpart International has forged partnerships with communities and local organizations to build inclusive, sustainable communities in which people thrive.  Their current project portfolio is focused on education, food security and agricultural development, effective governance, institutional strengthening, and economic development.


NIVAS helps families in Nepal build capacity and autonomy through the process of home ownership. From advocating for land acquisition, to learning earthquake resilient construction techniques, to setting bricks, each step is a move toward stability and safety.

Heart of the West Counseling, LLC

In the United States, Heart of the West provides an array of educational and mental health services to children and their families, adults going through life transitions, nature connection adventures to individual and groups, and well-being consulting to communities. Overseas, Heart of the West consults to communities and organizations in need of early childhood development… Read more »

Kuda Vana Partnerships

Kuda Vana Partnership empowers the most vulnerable children of Zimbabwe to not just survive, but thrive. Kuda Vana is not your typical orphanage. Our local staff and leadership provide whole-person care to each child, including love, nutrition, security, healthcare, education, life-skills and spiritual and emotional guidance – enabling them to live more independent, dignified, and… Read more »

Project Education South Sudan/Girls With Books

Project Education South Sudan is a Denver-based 501c3 that has worked to help girls in Sudan — and now South Sudan — access an education since 2005. We send high school age girls to school and help them further their aspirational goals with leadership development and additional mentoring. A small but mighty organization, PESS is… Read more »

Space for Humanity

Space for Humanity (S4H) is working to expand the global perspective as the first non-profit gateway to space. Our mission is to democratize access to space by providing all expenses paid trips — where anyone, from any walk of life, can apply for an opportunity to experience the Overview Effect: the cognitive shift in awareness… Read more »

Soccer Without Borders

Soccer Without Borders uses soccer as a vehicle for positive change, providing newcomer refugee, asylee, immigrant, and marginalized youth with a toolkit to overcome obstacles to growth, inclusion, and personal success. SWB programs integrate soccer, education, and community to empower youth to become positive change agents in their community, with national and international programs serving… Read more »

Up With Africa

Up with Africa focuses on the intersection of three issues- education in the developing world, refugees and the forced mass migration of people, and conservation of endangered species in Africa. Our approach involves coming alongside people and their communities to provide greater understanding of the problems at play and form networks to source solutions.

International Association for Rural and Urban Development – IARUD

IARUD’s mission is to eliminate poverty, certain health risks, and improve the overall quality of life, through education. The education efforts focus on the most needful members of West African countries. These are primarily at risk young adults, orphans,underprivileged kids and single mothers who lack the support from a husband. The efforts are to give… Read more »

The Road to Hope

The Road to Hope builds self-sustaining communities through partnering with individuals and organizations in the U.S. and Haiti to learn and build mutually supportive relationships. We believe in bridging the distance between communities globally, which is why we partner with communities throughout the U.S. and Haiti to provide in-person and digital cultural experiences and outreach… Read more »

Global Hope Network International

Community Development (TCD). This method offers a hand up, rather than a hand out, through knowledge transfer to village leaders. Working together, villagers are empowered to find solutions to the five key areas known to contribute to cyclical poverty—clean, accessible water; locally grown nutritious food; wellness education to prevent disease; education for all children; sustainable… Read more »


MAIA (formerly Starfish) unlocks and maximizes the potential of young women to lead transformational change. The program targets girls who are otherwise unable to continue their studies beyond the 6th grade and empowers each to become a “Girl Pioneer” who trail-blazes an unprecedented trajectory. Through an integrated approach, MAIA is educating and empowering the next… Read more »


Uhambo supports children with disabilities in southern Africa by partnering with the Uhambo Foundation (South Africa). Uhambo employs a holistic approach by serving children with disabilities, their parents, families, caregivers and communities to reduce inequality and create social inclusion.