Entry Point for Transformation: Human Well-Being and Capabilities

Impact Advisors

Impact Advisors partners with nonprofits and social enterprises to develop and expand their impact. It accomplishes this through fractional, interim or project engagements that shore up the traditional core business competencies needed to assure healthy nonprofits and consider enhancements to the current delivery model. Areas of engagement typically include communications and content creation, development strategies,… Read more »

Far Away Friends

Far Away Friends is a locally-led and female founded nonprofit started by two young women with a big vision: to break cycles of generational poverty in rural Uganda forever. Working in partnership with local leaders to identify investments in schools and community resources that impact the lives of children, Far Away Friends is now operating… Read more »

i2i Strategies

i2i was launched with the mission to support nonprofits and businesses needing support with infrastructure, program and organizational challenges. Executing the “details” and infrastructure of a vision or goal that is in line with an organization’s mission and values is i2i’s wheelhouse. Breaking an idea into actionable steps for social change is what we want… Read more »

ASSET Education

ASSET Education trains and equips educators with concrete tools to help their students reduce stress and strengthen resilience for future success. We envision an education system where students’ mental health is just as important as their academics.

Otisa Eads

Otisa Eads is an HR & Systems Strategist Consultant to help established business owners create systems that optimize their business for growth and expansion. In addition, Otisa loves creating strategies with start-ups, nonprofits, and business owners who want to expand their choices with new aligned and effective solutions to the problems in their business. In… Read more »

Gail Schulze

Gail Schulze volunteers for and serves on the board of a non-profit organization called Project Redwood. Project Redwood is a nonprofit partnership of the Stanford Graduate School of Business Alumni that provides funding, expertise and connections to social entrepreneurs who address the challenge of global poverty. Schulze is the Chair of the Community of Grantees… Read more »

Tearfund USA

In partnership with churches and communities, Tearfund is working on the frontlines of some of the most urgent issues in the world today. We respond to crises and conflict, advance sustainable development, and advocate for just policies and practice.

Brooke Sparling

Congo Activists is a group of grassroots activists in the USA raising awareness about the conflict in D.R. Congo and working for justice and peace in DRC. The Hike for Congo is our annual fundraiser.

Water For Generations

Water For Generations, based in Malawi, Africa, is an organization created with the passion to support sustainable water resources management by influencing the government to review and enact new water laws and policy frameworks. Water for Generations leads by conducting applied field research and policy analysis, institutional improvement through broad policy reform dialog platforms and… Read more »

Mona Vyas

Mona Vyas is a business professional with a background with for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

College of Liberal Arts Public Policy and Administration

International organizations, government agencies, and nonprofits are actively seeking skilled professionals to lead teams and develop policies that improve people’s lives. The Master of Public Policy and Administration (MPPA) prepares students for public sector or nonprofit leadership through an interdisciplinary curriculum that integrates research-based academic theory with real-world experience.

Anna Stolk

Anna Stolk recently relocated to Denver and works remotely as a Program Manager at Chemonics International. Stolk would like to grow her network in the international development community in Denver. Chemonics International Mission Statement: “Our mission is to promote meaningful change around the world to help people live healthier, more productive, and more independent lives.”

Philip Schuyler

Philip Schuyler is an Audit Principal at Fortner, Bayens, Levkulich and Garrison (FBLG), an accounting and advisory firm based in Denver that primarily serves community banks and other financial institutions. He founded Social Business Alliance LLC to support individuals and organizations working to address internationally recognized development goals. The organization seeks to advocate for the… Read more »

CLLARO: Colorado Latino Leadership Advocacy Research Organization

CLLARO’s mission is to empower Latinos through leadership development, advocacy, and policy research to strengthen Colorado. CLLARO’s vision for the future is a State of Colorado where Latinos achieve their fullest potential.More than one out of five Coloradans are Latino. Some Latino families have centuries-old roots in the southwestern United States. Spanish colonists grazed sheep… Read more »