Entry Point for Transformation: Urban and Peri-Urban Development

Lindsay Miller

Beyond Growth Strategies is a Denver-based community and economic development consulting firm that specializes in community-based wealth-building, inclusive real estate development, and economic development that transcends the mantra, “Growth = Good.” We believe that investment and development are essential to addressing social and economic inequality, but both must be carefully planned and implemented. We approach… Read more »

Levy Syanseke

Levy Syanseke is the founding president of the Internet Society Zambia Chapter which works to promote and facilitate increased internet access throughout Zambia. The Zambia Chapter is a member of the Internet Society Global Chapter. Levy is also the founder and manager at Ramah Designs focused on bag making and repair (https://www.facebook.com/ramahdesigns/)

Chris Vannote

Chris Vannote is an international project manager, planner, and civil engineer with 33 years of experience worldwide in project management, planning and engineering, community participation, and stakeholder coordination. Currently looking for short-term or long-term opportunities on international development projects that can use my intercultural skills, foreign language capabilities, project management and leadership skills, community relations… Read more »

Bridges to Prosperity

Bridges to Prosperity envisions a world where poverty caused by rural isolation no longer exists. Rural isolation is a root cause of poverty, and Bridges to Prosperity believes that connection is the foundation of opportunity. We work with local communities, partners and foundations, to build trail bridges that connect residents to education, health care, and… Read more »

Andrea Nelson Trice

Andrea earned her doctorate in Higher and Adult Education from The University of Michigan and worked for several years as a faculty member at Purdue University. Over the past two decades she has gained experience as an internal and external evaluator, nonprofit board member, consultant, and author. Her consulting and evaluation work with nonprofits and… Read more »

OpenGov Hub

The Open Gov Hub network includes nearly 50 organizations and 300 people working from Washington, D.C. on over 100 countries around the world. Open Gov Hub was founded in 2012 to break through traditional silos between different sectors and organizations, and to catalyze sharing and collaboration needed to rise to the global challenges of our… Read more »

Counterpart International

For over 50 years, Counterpart International has forged partnerships with communities and local organizations to build inclusive, sustainable communities in which people thrive.  Their current project portfolio is focused on education, food security and agricultural development, effective governance, institutional strengthening, and economic development.


NIVAS helps families in Nepal build capacity and autonomy through the process of home ownership. From advocating for land acquisition, to learning earthquake resilient construction techniques, to setting bricks, each step is a move toward stability and safety.

Global Research Institute

The Global Research Institute is a consortium of international Social Science scholars who conduct independent research on current world issues for academic, government, and judicial constituencies.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International is an international NGO based in London focused on human rights globally. In-depth research is conducted on human rights abuses to investigate and expose the facts to lobby governments, companies and other groups to follow and respect international law. The Evidence Lab is a group within Amnesty International that uses innovative techniques to… Read more »

The Road to Hope

The Road to Hope builds self-sustaining communities through partnering with individuals and organizations in the U.S. and Haiti to learn and build mutually supportive relationships. We believe in bridging the distance between communities globally, which is why we partner with communities throughout the U.S. and Haiti to provide in-person and digital cultural experiences and outreach… Read more »

One Earth Future Foundation

One Earth Future (OEF) is an incubator of innovative peace-building programs. OEF designs, tests and partners to scale programs that work hand-in-hand with communities to eliminate the root causes of war. Each of the programs in the OEF portfolio has been designed and iteratively tested to work for a sustainable solution to a specific problem,… Read more »

Africa Agenda

Africa Agenda is driven by the need to change the one-sided narrative of African News. We use the Africa Agenda website, journalistic tools, and events, including the Africa News Matters website, as platforms for critical engagement and news analysis about the African continent.