emBolden Alliances

Questioning partnerships that create value

Posner’s Symposium 2019 explored collaboration from all angles, including the critique that global partnerships are highly touted, yet often fail to produce.

Dr. Neena Jain, Founding Director of emBOLDen Alliances, argued that this is often due to a failure of durable support to locally-led approaches in development and humanitarian emergencies.

Neena shared her work in the Symposium 2019 Catalyzer session, “Disrupting ‘Partnerships’ to Innovate.” In this highly interactive and provocative session, attendees explored different dimensions of the entire partnership experience.

A long Posner Center Member, emBOLDen Alliances is a nonprofit organization on a mission to embolden locally-led solutions that strengthen vulnerable communities.

It was a recipient of an 2017 Posner Center International Collaboration Fund grant, partnering with Uhambo USA to deliver disability awareness and inclusion training to organizations affiliated with the Posner Community, working domestically and internationally.

emBOLDen Alliances’ Radical Humanitarian© initiative aims to reshape humanitarian assistance to be community-led, so that communities have the tools and skills to deliver their own best responses during a crisis.


Backed by Neena’s long commitment to community-led approaches and community training, emBOLDen Alliances’ work is yielding strong evidence that such partnerships can lead to transformation in humanitarian assistance.