Women Powering Change

  •  July 9, 2015
     4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Formerly known as Women’s Work, Wisdom and Wine Festival
Hosted by Cynda Collins Arsenault
EXDO, 1399 35th Street, Denver, CO 80205

Around the world there is steady pulse of women working passionately to create change. These women are stepping up and speaking out against our world’s most pressing problems. In the space between their intentions and actions lies an opportunity to catalyze collaboration.

Join Posner and more than 100 other mission-driven organizations at Women Powering Change 2015 to connect with innovative leaders and committed philanthropists, inspire collective impact, and power social change. This one-day exposition is designed for organizations and women to come together to create a better world, locally and globally. Ideas will be shared across sectors, inspiration sparked from one another’s stories, and resources connected to extend your reach and grow your impact.

Keynote Speaker: Ambassador Swanee Hunt, Visionary, philanthropist and co-founder of The Women’s Foundation of Colorado

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