State of the African Continent

  •  November 20, 2015
     6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

An evening to celebrate and reflect on the African continent’s current affairs, social change, and new developments

Africa Agenda the community to come and meet with and learn about the state of the African continent today. Find out what Africans are doing to change the continent, how journalists are working to improve the reporting of African news, and ways that individuals, businesses and organizations can engage to make life better for all.

The two-hour soiree honors the African continent and reflects on its developments, such as

  • the boom in phones, internet technology and business
  • new ways to track and treat diseases
  • efforts that are enabling elections and democracy; new leadership
  • ideas to end poverty
  • advances in education
  • freedoms and citizen movements
  • cultural shifts, and the struggle for peace and security.

As these changes unfold, they offer opportunities to improve lives, not only in Africa, but also around the world. Let’s take the moment to consider paths forward and what we can do. The agenda will include inspiring entrepreneurs, entertainers, and others, who will spark our understanding about what we can do individually and collectively to build upon and sustain Africa’s growing strength.

Considering the vast diversity of Africa’s cultural contributions, the event will feature live West African music and dance, wine tasting, Ethiopian coffee, African cuisine, edible treats, and much more.

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1031 33rd St, Denver, Colorado, 80205, United States