Chat4Change: Affirming Healthcare Is As American As Apple Pie

  •  June 26, 2024
     5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

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Presented by Women’s Foundation of Colorado and the Caring for Denver Foundation, this community conversation will feature the thought leader and CEO of Transhealth, Dallas Ducar. As an advocate and expert in the field of healthcare for the LGBTQ+ community, Dallas will share insights into the current landscape and future ambitions for inclusive healthcare practices. Her extensive experience and groundbreaking work promise to provide an understanding of the challenges and advancements in ensuring equitable care for all identities within our community.

Following the interview, the event will feature a dynamic panel of local changemakers dedicated to expanding connections to care that respect and honor the identities of our LGBTQ+ community.


Janet Alvarado Duran, Health Program Specialist, Denver Health’s Youth Pride Coalition

Mimi Madrid, Executive Director, Fortaleza Familiar

Sorin Thomas, Founding and Executive Director, Queer Asterisk

Emily Wheeland, Chief Executive Officer, The Delores Project

Attendees will be able to hear from these community leaders, gain deeper insights into ongoing initiatives, and participate in a meaningful dialogue about fostering inclusive and affirming care. Join us for an enlightening evening, and be part of the conversation driving positive change in our community!

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