DEI Leadership Institute Annual Conference

  •  August 16, 2023
     7:30 AM - 12:00 PM

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The DEI Leadership Institute Annual Conference is an opportunity for anyone looking to
expand their DEI knowledge, connect with others in DEI, grow in their own DEI journey, and
make a positive difference in the DEI arena. It’s an opportunity to become an active part of
the DEI movement, to learn, to grow, to develop skills, and to make a positive change in
your culture, workplace, and community. We aim to create a more conscious, engaged, and
active DEI community to cultivate idea sharing and a sense of belonging.

Attendees will receive actionable tools and strategies to foster a more diverse, equitable
and inclusive workplace, have an opportunity to network with industry leaders, experience
thought-provoking activities, and participate in meaningful discussions with subject matter
experts about:

  • Proven, effective DEI tactics
  • Common struggles and obstacles faced by organizations
  • Success stories as models for inspiration and encouragement
  • Effectively measuring success in DEI

Experience Includes:

  • Light Breakfast
  • Keynote by DEI Expert
  • TED-style Presentations
  • Case-study Success Stories
  • Networking
  • DEI Leadership Institute Award Winners & Champions

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