Energy Africa Conference

  •  November 11, 2021 - November 12, 2021
     8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Providing Accessible, Affordable, Sustainable, Clean, and Resilient Energy Solutions to Catalyze Economic Development and Improve the Standard of Living in African Urban and Rural Communities.

Africa has the lowest access to electricity access in the world. Yet, it has some of the fastest-growing economies, the youngest and growing customer base, highest migration from rural to urban centers,  the fastest-growing middle-class with increasing demand for electronic devices and appliances, precipitating a significant need for electricity supplySub-Saharan Africa electricity access stands at 26%, with the rural access rate is only 8%, with 85% of the population relying on biomass for energy.

Even more significant, the electricity for power generation is staggering. For example, solar and wind can generate over 10 Terra Watts and 15 Giga Watts, respectively, not to mention Geothermal and hydroelectric power.  A significant contributor to Africa’s untapped energy resources is the gap between the global investors and energy project developers in Africa. Investors worldwide face substantial difficulties accessing credible energy projects in Africa. In contrast, the energy project developers in Africa do not know how to connect with these investors, causing a massive gap in the investment flow.  The Energy Africa Conference seeks to bridge this gap.

​Energy Africa Conference 2021 will take place virtually on November 11 and 12th, starting at 8:00 MST and 17:00 Kigali/Lusaka/Johannesburg time. Speakers at this year’s conference include:

  • Nevers S. Mumba, Former Vice President. Republic of Zambia
  • Robert Stoner, Deputy Director of the MIT Energy Initiative/Executive Director of the MIT-Tsinghus-Cambridge Low Carbon Energy University Alliance. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA
  • Karen Riley, Provost. Regis University
  • Honorable Matthew Nkhuwa, Former Minister of Energy. Republic of Zambia
  • Shari Plantz-Masters, Dean, College of Business and Computing. Regis University
  • Amanda Fong, Foreign Service Officer. USAID
  • Julius Mwale, Principal. Mwale Medical and Technology City
  • David K. Owens, Retired Executive VP, Edison Electric Institute, President of Da’Vas LLC
  • Greg Kushnir, Founder and CEO, Emrod
  • Chris Grune, Finance Professional
  • Claudio Pedretti, Founder and CEO, Green Climate. Green Climate Ventures
  • His Excellency Lansana Kouyate, Politician and Diplomat. Guinea
  • His Excellency Andry Ramaroson, Minister of Energy and Hydrocarbon. Madagascar
  • H.E. Lazarous Kapambwe, Ambassador to the United States. Republic of Zambia
  • Vivek Lall, Chief Executive. Global Atomics
  • Peter Storment, Co-founder. Cedar Street Capital, LLC
  • Michael Farina, Exec. Leader-Strategy & Growth, Integrated Gas & Power Solutions, Baker Hughes
  • Lisa Larson, Vice President. HDR International
  • Emilien Di Gennaro, CEO. SureChill
  • Luka Powanga, Professor and Executive Director. Regis University and Energy Africa Conference
  • Kate Steel, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer. Nithio
  • Jessica Stephens, Chief Executive Officer. African Minigrid Developers Association
  • Ignacio Perez-Arriaga, Director Research, GCEEP; Visiting Professor. MIT, Professor Comillas University, Spain and Florence School of Regulation, Italy
  • Koen Peters, Executive Director. GOGLA
  • Sherwin Das, Co-Founder and Managing Director. Energy Peace Partners

The Global Commerce Forum is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing educational opportunities and exchanging knowledge and ideas about global commerce and the environment.

​This group of dedicated and forward-thinking business executives, government and non-governmental officials, academicians, investors, students, and policymakers from different fields and countries worldwide leverages the inherent synergy to improve trade, alleviate poverty, and recast the standard of living of the under-served populations.

​The Global Commerce Forum produces the Energy Africa Conference annually aimed at accomplishing triple objectives.


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