Former USAID Chief Policy Officer on the New Partnerships Initiative

  •  March 25, 2021
     8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Join us for a discussion with former USAID Chief Policy Officer, Randy Tift, on USAID’s New Partnerships Initiative

Randy Tift, former USAID Chief Acquisition and Assistance Policy Officer and an architect of USAID’s New Partnerships Initiative, will join as our guest on the next USAID Market Webinar Series by AidKonekt event.

Mr. Tift was part of the Senior leadership team at USAID that worked closely with former Administrator Mark Green to conceptualize and spearhead the Effective Partnering and Procurement Reform (EPPR) initiative. This initiative led to the development and agency-wide launch of the New Partnerships Initiative (NPI).

We will discuss the origins of NPI, early successes, and what to anticipate from NPI under the Biden Administration and Ambassador Samantha Power’s leadership. We will cover steps that Mr. Tift and his team took to open the door to bringing in more new, underutilized, and local partners to USAID, in order to diversify and grow their partner base. We will also get his thoughts and advice for the new Administration on how they can build on his team’s early successes and lessons learned, to make it easier for new partners to continue bringing their expertise and insights to USAID projects. RSVP here >>