From Crisis Control to Post-Pandemic Prep: How to Pivot Strategic Planning to Get Back on Track, Adapt & Evolve

  •  June 16, 2020
     1:00 PM - 2:15 PM

We can’t predict the future, especially with so much uncertainty ahead of us, so how can we remain proactive and strategic? In this workshop, Posner Center Tenant and Capacity-Building Consultant, Lauren Palumbo of Third Sight Strategies, will provide an overview of the components of a crisis management plan for near-term stabilization, then delve deeper into how and when to pivot that work back into a strategic, proactive, actionable framework with purpose and foresight. We’ll focus on how to position your organization and your strategy to become nimble, sustainable and relevant in the face of ever-changing circumstances in the medium- to long-term. We’ll also explore considerations and tips to help your organization not only survive but evolve through ever-changing times.

Registration is through Nonprofit Learning Lab.