Fundraising to save the vulnerable fatherless kids

  •  March 24, 2022
     2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Join Voice in millions of voiceless people (VMVP) for their upcoming fundraising event to save over 1000 vulnerable fatherless children with malnutrition and out-of-focus in class at primary school. You can learn more about VMVP on their website or LinkedIn page.

VMVP’s goals are:
Goal 1: Vulnerable fatherless child’s health and nutrition
Goal 2: Feed nutrition (2 eggs, 2 bananas,1l of milk, and 2 tamarillos) to a vulnerable fatherless child, Once a week.
Goal 3: Quality education and child protection.
Goal 4: Close the father’s gap (father’s role missed)
Goal 5: Eradicates vulnerable fatherless child abuse.
Goal 6: dream protection and stature them in God’s principles.
Goal 7: Children’s sports and general parenting.

Voice in millions of voiceless people (VMVP) is working to help fatherless children to find their voice, good health, and quality education.

No registration is needed for the event! You can join at