Gender Responsive Budgeting: A Participatory Feminist Introduction

  •  February 12, 2024
     6:30 AM - 10:00 AM

🗣 TRAINING: Gender Responsive Budgeting: A Participatory feminist introduction is happening in February 2024.

✷ This interactive, participatory course will equip participants with the practical and analytical tools to apply gender-responsive budgeting (GRB) in their work. Participants will explore concepts of GRB, existing frameworks, and contributions of international development partners including UN Women, IMF, OECD, PEFA Gender Framework. The course will draw on international experiences and will offer in-depth discussions on the key GRB tools and case studies. Trainers use a participatory approach and the latest methods in online training to create an engaging, horizontal learning environment. Participants will learn key foundations and tools of gender-responsive budgeting in an interactive manner, engaging critical thinking and reflexivity, in line with feminist pedagogical principles.

Why Gender-Responsive Budgeting? Gender-responsive budgeting is aimed at ensuring that fiscal policies and public financial management practices and tools are formulated and implemented with a view to promote and achieve gender equality objectives, and that adequate resources for achieving them are allocated. At the heart of gender responsive budgeting lies the recognition of the potential of financial and fiscal policies to influence gender disparities. Despite its importance for gender equality, gender-responsive budgeting is not sufficiently widely applied. This is largely due to lack of capacity on the part of staff of the ministries of finance and line ministries, but also lack of independent expertise on GRB. Moreover, where trainings on gender-responsive budgeting do exist, they tend to apply only a technical focus. This course addresses this gap by using participatory feminist pedagogical principles, in order to create a dynamic learning environment that focuses on process, tools and approaches as well as outcomes.

🗓 Dates: 12, 14, and 16 February 2024, plus a reflection session and office hours at dates to be determined
⏰ Times: 2:30-6pm Central European Time, including a 30 minute break
🌏 Location: Online, live and very interactive
💰 Cost: $100-$825 with early bird discounts and scholarship options available!

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