Intersectional Gender-Based Analysis Plus: A Step-by-Step Process to Facilitating Social Justice, Gender Transformation and Institutional Social Change

  •  September 14, 2023
     5:00 AM - 8:00 AM

🗣 TRAINING: Intersectional Gender-Based Analysis Plus: A step-by-step process to facilitating social justice, gender transformation and institutional social change with Njeri Kimotho is happening in September 2023.

✷ Intersectional Gender-Based Analysis Plus helps development NGOs, civil society organizations, philanthropic foundations, community organizations, and networks to better understand the uneven and inequitable impact that humanitarian and development initiatives can have on the people and communities they intend to serve.

This interactive, virtual course will build knowledge and skills in intersectional gender analysis at the individual, community and institutional (mezzo), and macro levels. It will equip participants with the tools and guidance to use intersectional gender analysis to advance social justice and social change by promoting structural solutions to systemic inequalities and various forms of oppression that go beyond individual adaptation and resilience.

🗓 Dates: September 14, 19, 21, 26, and 28, 2023 (Thursdays and Tuesdays)
⏰ Times: 2-5pm East Africa time, including a 30 minute break.
🌏 Location: Online, live and very interactive
💰 Cost: $100-$995 with early bird discounts and scholarship options available!

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