Organizational Leaders’ Lunchtime Meetup

  •  June 16, 2022
     12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Organizational Leaders Community of Practice

Want to talk to peers who are leading organizations in our community? Our monthly Leaders Community of Practice is open to anyone in the Posner Center Community identifying with either of these roles.

The last couple of years have been some of the hardest for our community here in Colorado and around the world. The normal response to a prolonged public health crisis is overwhelming fatigue and, as organizational leaders, this fatigue has taken its toll on our minds and bodies in unique ways. From March-June 2022, we will not have a formal agenda or a virtual option, but members are encouraged to meet in the kitchen/commons of the Posner Center to build and maintain connections with other organizational leaders. We will reconvene in July with the virtual, topic-driven meetings.

This group is a tremendous asset and has been resilient through the hardest parts of the pandemic. This is just the rest we all need right now and we look forward to finding our cadence together again in July!

If you are interested in joining and do not yet have a calendar hold, email Lauren at .