Pandemic, Profits & Inequality

  •  January 13, 2021
     9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Oxfam America is partnering with SEIU and Boston Network for International Development on a public panel on reducing inequality. This event is part of the Goalmakers initiative – a national effort taking place in seven cities across the U.S. to examine rising inequality amidst the pandemic and to chart a course forward to build a more equitable world and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

The pandemic has further exposed the rigged economic model that has allowed the world’s largest corporations to make billions of dollars at the expense of low wage workers. The specific focus is on pandemic profits and the need for tax and corporate governance reform, grounded in Oxfam’s recent report. The panel features SEIU’s International President Mary Kay Henry and thought leader Anand Giridharadas (writer of Winners Take All), moderated by Oxfam’s VP of Policy and Advocacy Paul O’Brien.

The Webinar is free and will take place via Zoom from 11:30-12:30 EST / 9:30-10:30 MST.

Register here: