Thriving and just societies: integrating climate, nature and development in a COVID-19 green recovery

  •  November 17, 2020
     4:30 AM - 6:00 AM
As Denver’s host for Goalmakers 2020 and our focus on SDG#13 – Climate Action and SDG#15 – Life on Land, the Posner Center is spotlighting this virtual event on the importance of integrating climate and nature with development as we build our COVID-19 recovery.  Organized by the International Institute for Environment and Development and part of London Climate Action Week, this event will bring together high-level speakers from different sectors of society to articulate the importance of integrated action on climate, nature and development, particularly in the context of a green recovery from COVID-19. This event will consider:
    • What are the interdependencies and interlinkages between climate, nature and development? How will society benefit from an integrated approach to addressing this triple agenda?
    • What is a green recovery, and what does the recovery from COVID-19 look like when climate, nature and development is at the heart of decision-making?
    • Through integrating climate, nature and development, how can we promote a just transition in the recovery from COVID-19 that also includes scaling up finance for locally led initiatives, with equitable governance that draws in indigenous and generational knowledge?
It’s free and you can access the recording once you register if the time (11.30am-1pm (GMT)) is not convenient.
Go here for more information and to register.